Wood Duck Housing and Care


Nov 25, 2018
I am really interested in keeping a pair of wood ducks. I'm not sure about how I should house them though. What are the general dimensions for an aviary to house two ducks? I have seen a lot of different size aviaries and measurements.

Also, I found someone selling wood ducklings for $25 a pair. It seems very cheap and they didn't mention having a permit or anything.


11 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
You need a permit or if the DNR finds out, you can get some fines and they will be taken. No native wild species or eggs can be kept without official papers and they have to be marked ...Anyone selling without out it is breaking the law and 'cheating you', because they won't pay your fines when you get caught...They should give you the form when you get the birds...I bought my first exotics and got the papers for the pochards and Whistling ducks... but didn't need one for the Australians as they are not a native bird here in US. Just like you can have Manderins without a permit, because they are not native, but not wood ducks or other native ducks...
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