Wood Pellet bedding.. to wet or not?

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  1. So, after some suggestions here I have switched from hay (which I was not happy with ) to a combo wood pellet and wood shaving bedding. My Agway only had Boreal pellets.. the bag has NO directions.. so I need to wet them?

    Right now I laid down mostly shavings with a thick layer of pellets under the roosting bars, as that is what gets soiled the most. The rest of the coop stays mostly clean as they range free during the day. My coop is a converted amish shed..small.. 7x8 area for the hens and roosters. I currently have 2 roosters and 16 hens (Australorps, BR, RIR and some Mystery hens.. Tomorrow 1 rooster and 5 hens are going to a new home as a trade for the transportation of my coop to me from it's original home..

    Thanks for any advice on how to use the pellets most effectivly.. I want to keep the smell down to a min, the coop nice and tidy and my chickens healthy!
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    well, by the description of how you prepared it, it sounds good. typically you are supposed to wet the pellets, but I think you should try it as you described.

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