Wood shavings on a dirt floor?


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7 Years
Sep 15, 2012
Lynden, Wa
I have a coop with a covered run that i have just sitting on the ground outside. It quickly became a dirt floor. Is it a good idea to lay down wood shavings on the dirt floor outside? (I have it inside the coop to absorb waste and change this about once a month.) It is a small coop that holds no more than 4 chickens, more and they would be over crowded.

I'm just now sure if there is a point to it or not. Suggestions?
I'd opt for sand in a run unless you need compost material. If you do need compost then by all means put wood chips, leaves, grass clippings, etc in. The chickens will turn it for you!
I used the cheapest non-colored pine mulch from Lowes. I love it, stays clean, easily raked, and my hens love it to take dust baths in.

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