Wood Shavings vs. Pine Shavings

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    I've been using pine shavings as bedding in our coop. Just bought a new bag and after getting it home I see the owner gave me wood shavings instead of pine. To be exact it's called Brightside Blue Ribbon Bedding - 100% Prime Quality Wood Shavings. The company's website gives absolutely no information as to what kind of wood goes into this product. Their site is www.woodresidualssolutions.com I've read that cedar or walnut shavings contain a chemical that can irritate a chickens' lungs and skin. That's why I'm trying to be careful. Anyone know if this product is OK for chicken bedding?? I can take the bag back to the store. Haven't opened it. Just kind of a hassle.
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    They are probably as safe as pine, but won't smell as good

    I imagine it's mostly oak

    From yor link:
    primarily an internal suppply of wood byproducts generated from the manufacture of hardwood products​

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