Wood shavings


10 Years
May 27, 2009
I am confused about the use of wood shavings for new baby chicks. I have read on this site the recommondation to use them but have also read that in the first few days they may be harmed by trying to eat them. I have also read not to use newspaper as the ink may be a problem and they may get splayed legs. What are we supposed to do? I am expecting a delivery of day old chicks in less than a week.
you could try using paper towels or tissue thats what we did until they were old enough and I don't recommend using wood shaving the chicks tend to eat them sometimes
We always use wood shavings with no ill affects. However, if you notice them eating excessive amounts, you may want to put paper towel or something like that over the top of the shavings. We have personally never had any problems with wood shavings, and we've been raising chicks for years.
I use pine shavings and/or woody pellets and I have not had any issues. I always keep an eye on the chicks the first day to be sure they aren't trying to eat the bedding. So far so good - just avoid cedar shavings!

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