Wood Stoves?

Sorry for the double post computer acting up.
If our new house was finished- I'm sure I would have by now. We've had a few mornings around 40 degrees.

You ever throw a piece of aromatic cedar in there? It smells like cinnamon toast...mmmmmmm!

Not looking forward to another winter of splitting wood though.
If I had one I would be using it!

We are shopping for one right now, I hope we can just buy one and get the dern thing installed right away - I hate the cold!
I almost started mine up yesterday. It was cold. But I haven't loaded the wood bins up yet and didn't want to have to go out and get it because it was even colder out there!!

Think that will be on the boys chore list this weekend.

I love the heat but hate all the mess of the bark and ash.

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