1. I was wondering if there are any wood treatments/paints/stains that are known to not be good for chickens?

    I want to know before I finish our coop!

    Thanks! I don't want to kill off my chickens before I get them!!
  2. elmo

    elmo Songster

    May 23, 2009
    Chickens don't chew on wood the way parrots do, so as long as whatever you use is completely dry and there's no lingering odor by the time you allow your chickens access to the coop, they should be fine whatever you use. They might peck at a paint drip or two, so just be sure you do a good, smooth job if you're painting the inside of the coop.

    I wouldn't stain or paint the wood for your perches, though. Since chickens spend a lot of time standing on perches with their bare feet, some chemicals could irritate their skin. For that reason, I would never use treated wood for a perch, either.

    I used a standard stain for the outside of my coops and runs, and a standard semi gloss latex paint for the inside.
  3. Ok, great! I appreciate it! We were going to use sticks from the yard as perches, and weren't planning on painting the inside anyhoo. Thank you very much!

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