Wooden pallet and covering them?

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  1. havi

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    I seen some really huge pallets the other day outside a furniture store, in the back. Im calling them tomorrow to see if they just throw these away or what. Im curious though..Im assuming the wood isnt treated right? What would be easy to cover the coop with once Im done? Im thinking once I build the tractor/coop out of the wooden pallets I would then have to cover that with something? Such as siding or something, to keep it from rotting. Am I wrong? Im curious about the long term use. Its going to house 3-4 banty's so vinyel siding wouldnt be easy to work with. What could I use?
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    Just give them a few coats of good quality paint and they should last you a few years..
    Some of the pallets are made of really hard types of wood...If they are too hard to nail just drill holes first.
    I have a friend that took them apart and made a picket type fence. Stronger and nicer looking than ones you buy!
    good luck.......
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    First, don't assume pallets are untreated; some are treated/fumigated with some pretty nasty things, especially if they were used for shipping stuff in from Asia. Ask where the pallets are from, and think about whether it seems likely enough to you to be ok.

    As far as keeping the wood from rotting, that's what paint is for [​IMG] Just scrounge enough pallet wood or plywood to make gap-free and *predator proof* solid outside walls, and put on a good coat of PRIMER FIRST and then two coats of paint (can be obtained free or cheap from places like your county recycling depot or habitat for humanity ReStores or thrift stores, or neighbors' basements). It will last plenty long.

    Have fun,

  4. havi

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    Quote:Thanks for the info! I wasnt sure what, if anything, I need to do to the wood. I will def. go out and by some primer and paint. I dont mind spending a little money on paint, b/c its the final step and I want it to look really nice. Plus I have a red in mind that I really want.


    I called the furniture store where I saw the pallets and the lady told me I could come get all I want! [​IMG] She told me that shes been trying everything to get rid of these pallets and no one wants them! [​IMG] She even told me to just call her and let her know when I wanted to come get some more and I could have all I wanted. Now Im trying to think of something to bake her to thank her for the free items plus helping me out. I felt kinda bad cause I know shes around 70 yrs old. But when I told her nicely that she didnt need to help I didnt mind loading it myself. She just shook her head and told me "Nonesence! Im still an abled body. Your helping me out!" Haha.

    These are really nice pallets too. There the longer ones that heavy equipment is shipped on. The 2x4's are like 4 1/2 ft long and in good shape. I cant wait to start building my coop and tractor! [​IMG]
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    Please post pics of progress!! I will be watching this, as I am considering building one. I have the same situation here, with lotsa pallets, and need of more chicken space.

    54 at last count. We were going to add on to our barn so all animals could share, but now, the horses can have the barn. I will build a new coop for the chickies, and eventually the rabbits will have their own outdoor hutch.

    Either that, or I'm looking for a free garden shed on kijiji that I can convert.
  6. havi

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Waco, Texas

    really love this coop. Its waaaay to big for what Im wanting, but still what Im going for. Maybe this can help you out. Good luck with your update too.

    I will keep trying to update this and hopefully post some pictures soon! Let me know whats going on with yours. And good luck!
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    When you start getting eggs you should take her a dozen!

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