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    Jul 22, 2011
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    Last Spring I purchased a 40 acre parcel in Northern MN for hunting, investment and just general enjoyment. If anybody's interested in the financials, let me know. In todays real estate market combined with interest rates, I basically bought it for free using a cash-out refinance loan. Added some principal to the house, but with the better interest rate, accounting for closing costs, total payment over the life of the loan is reduced, as is monthly mortgage.

    Spent the fall roughing in a 12x16 hunting cabin and getting some serviceable deer stands and trails, successfully harvested 2 deer for the freezer, now the management work can begin.

    I'm dealing with a very unique habitat type. I call it sandy bog conifer. Very thin peat/moss layer, perennially wet but not flooded loamy sand soil with high acidity. A few small higher spots that are more typical sandy pineland habitat. Partially logged by clearcut/selection some 25 years ago. Jack pine and black spruce successfully regenerated in cleared area. I have about 25 acres of very dense jack pine/black spruce in the 4-6" diameter range. Also 10 or so acres of mixed conifer including large, mature Red, White, Jack pine and some Black Spruce and Tamarack. Remainder is mix of aspen, birch, balsam and grassy wet spots. My goals are sustainable firewood, pulpwood, some saw timber and wildlife management focused on deer and grouse.

    In addition to harvesting the birch from the dense pine stands before it is shaded out and dies, my plan for this winter is to install some hunting trails and a couple of 1-2 acre wildlife clearings in the mixed aspen/birch cover.

    Wonder what experiences others have had managing their woodlots?

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