woods fire right past my house


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
I live on a dead end road( the last house by the dead end)... the wood s are on fire. not sure how bad. DH is a volunteer firefighter here but he is out of town with his job.... I am releived now the forestry service finally got here... aparently there was a fire monday off another road and the forestry service dozed a fire break and the fire jumped it. i smelled woods fire earlier but didnt see smoke and thought someone was burning something in thier yard. usually I go to the end of the road and check but didnt today... guess I will make sure from now on

Please take care of yourself
fire department left and turned it over to the forestry service. I think I am gonna try to sleep. my neck hurts (old injury) so I am not sure how much sleep I will actually get. Night BYC
we are ok. fires out and they did another fire break... our county and surrounding counties are under a burn ban... our fire department worked 3 brush fires on monday 5 brush and one house fire on tue and this one on wed plus several medical calls. I know they are exhausted... And I am very thankful for all they do
Where in Kountze was the fire? We haven't heard a thing here(between Kountze and Lumberton).

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