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    Mar 21, 2016
    For those of you with Woods-style coops, how are you doing the bedding? I'm in the process of building one, but was curious about rain getting in due to the open nature of the coop. I've seen in pictures that @JackE has sand in the front and is doing the deep litter method in the back and was thinking about doing that as well. I don't have windows on the sides of mine though, it'll just be openings covered with hardware cloth, so I was wondering if the shavings get wet, is that bad or will they dry out? Or should I do sand past the windows? The floor will be coated with rubberized roofing treatment and everything is treated and will be painted, so I'm not worried about the coop, just having wet shavings from water coming in through the side openings.

    Thanks for any advice! Here's the coop as it sits on the tail end of the construction.


    Need to frame out the glass I bought for the monitor, then frame out the monitor for the window, put the siding on the monitor, front, and back - router out the 2 side windows and access for the nesting boxes and a clean out I put in the back

    You can see the clean out here. More than tall enough to put a wheel barrow under it and just sweep out everything.

    Here you can see the framing for the front, side openings and where the nesting boxes will be.

    Thanks again,
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    Apr 26, 2010
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    I usually clean out my coop twice a year, late spring, and late fall. When I say clean out, I mean I back my truck up to the side entrance, and shovel everything out of there. Then dump in a few bags of fresh shavings. In between those cleanings, I'll add a bag, as the shavings break down. I usually throw a handful of scratch in there from time to time, if I feel the girls are getting lazy, keeping the bedding turned.
    I have found rain to be no problem at all. It may blow in there, but in a day or so, everything is totally dried out.

    You say you are not going to have side windows, just screened openings. That will work out for the warmer months, but if you get any cold weather in the winter, you are going to want windows to shut. You want the light the windows will provide, but you don't want frigid winds blowing in there. Won't be good.

    From the pics, the coop looks good. What are the dimensions?
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    Mar 21, 2016
    Thanks! Where do you have the board separating your shavings from the sand? It looks like about 2/3 of the way towards the back of your side windows. Rain was the main issue I was worried about. Clearly the front being open but without the ability to close the sides, I was worried about the shavings getting wet and not drying out.

    The dimensions are 8x12. In the book I purchased off Amazon, IIRC, the minimum was 6x10 and the recommended was 8x16. I live close to Houston, so we don't get cold winters here so I'm not really worried about winter weather. In his book, he had an example of one that was almost entirely made out of screen for warm environments, so I think this will be good, but I will definitely keep a watchful eye on them.

    You really were the inspiration for this style of coop. When I was searching Google for chicken coop images, yours popped up and the wife and I really loved the way it looked. I read your entire thread and it was very helpful!
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    My entire coop is pdz. Dries fast. Sand didn't and was heavy. Have only had to add one additional bag in 12 months. Rake and go. No bugs, no smell.

    My deep layer is in the run, which is only for bad weather.

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