Woohoo! The ducks laid eggs finally!

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    Last summer, I got a dozen ducklings from Metzer Farms. We only wanted 2 Khaki Campbells who were noted to be great eaters of pond algae - which is a huge problem for us. But the shipping was so expensive that we decided to try an experiment and raise some Grimaud Pekin which were quick growers for meat. Kept the ducks and chickens together - messy, disgusting actually, and harvested the 9 Pekins which survived at 35 days. That left us with the 2 Khaki Campbells living in the bottom of the chicken coop with the chickens taking the top floor at night. As the weather started to get cooler in the fall, I tried a few times to get the ducks into the pond with no luck. Once I actually threw them in - they turned around and waddled right back to the chicken yard. One morning, the dogs were going nuts barking at the window - and I saw 3 geese and a white duck walking across a neighboring yard right into our pond. they were obviously domesticated because they did not fly, and a little research showed they were African Geese and a Pekin Duck. They made themselves right at home in the pond, and stayed through migration of the Mallards. After several days, I chased the 2 KC ducks - at that point probably 8-10 weeks old - into a large dog crate, put food and water into it, and moved it to the side of the pond. Left them in it for several hours to watch the other ducks/ geese and then opened the door and walked away. They wandered out, headed for the pond, and have not returned to the chicken yard since. They will not let anyone touch them, but they come a-runnin' when they hear me call that it's chow time.

    We bought a little water bubbler to keep a section of pond from freezing, and built a little lean-to. The mallards stayed until most of the pond froze, and hubby and I had a hilarious time trying to direct the remaining domesticated fowl toward their open water and lean-to. When the ground was covered with snow, I would give them cracked corn and grower feed a couple of times a day. If the ground was open, I let them forage on their own. All 6 survived the winter, and today I found 5 duck eggs! One was in the lean-to, and the others were nearby. I am just so pleased with this experiment that I needed to share![​IMG]
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    wow thats more than i get from my chickens!!!! P.S.[​IMG] Hope you like it!

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