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  1. I keep a Havahart trap set and baited with tuna or cat food most nights (In the woods behind the coop. Just in case a coon, or possum, or stray cat comes around. I like to know what is roaming in my woods in the night).
    I usually take out the bait and feed it to the chickens in the morning (the girls love tuna and cat food) and trip the trap. (otherwise, the trap would be a giant anthill), but I forgot today.
    I went to reset and bait the traps and I had caught 2 of my own hens.
    What were they thinking??
    They don't even go into that space when they are out ranging.
    They must have smelled the tuna and followed their noses straight into the trap, silly girls.

  2. WindyOaksYokes

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    Jul 17, 2007
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    LOL isn't funny when you catch your own??? We had one of roos get caught in one of our live traps LOL... good thing they were not the jaw traps... ouch!!! that might have hurt!

    Chickens are the creaziest little things...
  3. SpottedCrow

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    When I was trying to trap the raccoon that killed Tom, I had very good luck trapping everything BUT!!!
    I got Jerry twice, Stupid the cat and a baby skunk.
  4. That is so funny. If chickens had emotions they would have probably felt pretty silly being caught in those traps.

    Once, when i was trying to catch a nasty feral cat that was destroying our lawn furniture, i ended up catching my neighbor's calico three times. That poor little thing. She was either very hungry or not very smart.
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    I caught my cat once and if I use tuna, she goes from the back and licks her paws!

    If I forget to trip the traps, the chickens do it for me. They walk along the top, jump off the door, and it's locked up for the day.
  6. I think it's really neat, you don't think of chickens having a keen sense of smell (well, they don't have proper 'noses').
    But the more I am around chickens in different situations, the more I realize they aren't just out randomly scratching and pecking around looking for bugs and such. They MUST be able to smell out their good things underground.
    I had some the girls out ranging this afternoon and I saw a hen walk a step and cock her head (as if listening), then scratch furiously and pull out a grub.
    Did she smell it or hear it scritching underground?

  7. SpottedCrow

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    I've read that Robins can hear the earthworms underground through their feet, so may it's the same deal...
  8. Davaroo

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    Did she smell it or hear it scritching underground?

    Ive seen the same. Darn good question!​
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    I think they have a keener sense of smell than we realize. Maybe its both, but...

    When my chickens were fairly young, but old enough to know what cantaloupe tasted like, which they LOVE, of course..I think they were about 10 weeks old and I had them running around the kitchen.

    I had bought some cantaloupe earlier in the week and forgot I had it for several days. I couldnt smell it, because I had it double bagged, but it had gotten put away where I would never have found it, in the kitchen behind a bunch of stuff. The chickens started going CRAZY scratching at this bag, and I finally was like, WHAT are you two AFTER already? Well, it was the cantaloupe! I would have never have found it without them, it would have gone bad. [​IMG]
  10. Davaroo

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    Feb 4, 2007
    Leesville, SC
    I had them running around the kitchen.

    In the house kitchen? Say youre joking...​

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