Woolly Svarthöna (Swedish Black Hen) hatching eggs - 6+

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    These are pure Svarthöna (Swedish Black Hen) from GFF and ECF lines. The woolly variant is a natural variation found in a limited number of landrace Svarthöna. The woolly gene, as it is referred to in Sweden, is the same as the Silky gene and is recessive. I have 2 woolly cocks over 5 standard feathered hens, at least one of which carries the woolly gene. There is a good chance you will hatch a woolly, but if not, all will carry the woolly gene.

    Svarthöna are a hardy landrace and a kissing cousin to the Ayam Cemani, carrying the same fibromelanistic genes that make them all black, inside and out. The Svarthöna, being from Sweden, is known to be heartier than the Ayam Cemani. They have handled the cold and the heat here in NKY quite well. The hens are good layers of small to medium cream colored eggs and are known to be good broodies.

    Price is for pick-up in the Sparta, KY area. I can also meet in the Dry Ridge, Crittenden, Walton, Florence areas.

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