Wooo Hooo!! A Showgirl!!!


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
N. West Michigan
My Darling Daughter (age 14) Is as Chicken-obsessed as I (Actually- more-- they sleep in her room!) And has allways wanted a "Showgirl" tho they are hard to find....

We just got her enrolled in 4-H, and speaking to the leader (Who is a Wonderful lady!)
We asked if she knew any 4-H kids or friends of hers that would be interested in s rooster or 2-- as we have 2-each of Black Silkies, White Silkies and OE
(Tho she thinks they are actually Nankins!! Kewl!)

SHE was very happy, as she's been looking for a New white Silkie Male to cross with the Showgirls she's been breeding!
She's at the 10th Generation and has most imperfections bred-out-- but wants a new Silkie Bloodline to "finish" the breed....

So she traded us a Beautiful little white Female Showgirl for our Roo!

At 1st, the poor baby was REAL stressed-- and we tried to introduce her to our babies (they are only a week older) but a few of them keep attacking her and pecking at her eyes and neck--
so we put her in a pet-carrier.

Being alone seemed worse for her, as she just stood staring at the walls and wouldn't eat or drink... so we put our little Mille Fluer Turken (Princess) with her, since she is also Bullied to the point that she rarely eats, and was bruised from being pecked ....

Now they both eat, drink scratch and dust bathe!
They're going to be well spoiled by time we're done with the 2 of em! LOL!

We'll introduce the pair back to the flock when they are a bit older & healthier -- Via the Dog kennel in the coop... so they can be seen but not pecked!

Welcome to the family "Nibbles!"


Resistance is futile
11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
Congrats on your new gal!
I'm sure your daughter is happy as can be
I know I love my ShowGirl Poppet... she is just the cutest, sweetest thing

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