WOOO HOOOO, just sexed my ducklings after watch Metzer Farms Video

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. FunnyBunnies12

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    I truly, truly was hoping to see after reading so much on here about hen to drake ratio, and I'm very happy and relieved to say I have 9 hens(including momma duck) and 3 drakes(including daddy). So I'm not over run with drakes, perfect, perfect ratio!! My guess was right about all of them, but I needed to confirm and do it right. Thank you Metzer! Now I don't have to place any drakes in new homes because of the ratio! I'm going to have some nice eggs this coming spring for baking, eating, selling! YES! [​IMG]

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    You better hold your horses. Just because you 3 to 1 does not mean that they will go along. 3-1 one is used for caged breeding ducks. Here you put one drake with 3 hens into a cage. This assures the best fertility rate possible. Perfect ratio is considered 1 drake for 3-9 hens. In flocks you actually want the higher end of it. More hens and less drakes. You have about what I had. I had 8 hens and 5 drakes. I had to rehome 4 drakes because they started to fight when they turned 7 weeks old. Not quite sexually mature, but they were already duking it out. One of the 5 drakes was one month older and he made it really clear that the other boys were not part of his calculation. You will probably have to reduce them to one or two drakes. So don't party yet.
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    I guess I misunderstood. [​IMG] The thing is, the 2 little boys are the ones that my son picked out that he stayed up until 1am watching hatch, he actually picked out the # and had the name picked out before it was even determined the gender, he just had this feeling it was going to be a boy and he was right, and the other boy was the one my dh and I watched hatch and already named(Peking after the Chinese delicatecy and city)[​IMG] . So there is a special meaning to that one, not because of the dinner plate, but because the two of us watched him hatch and before he even came home said that he wanted a big drake, then as I said there is daddy duck. So I guess I will have to watch them so they won't fight.

    So far here are the names of the adult ducks (Mom & Dad) & Babies we picked out.

    Ming-Ming (Dad)



    Athena(After the Goddess Of Love my oldest named her that)


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    Dec 18, 2008
    You don't have to get rid of any drakes...just get more hens!

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    Opps, I forgot a baby how could I!! There were 9 babies all together, I only listed 8. One more female name: How about Mocha! I know which one will be Mocha, I will take pictures later on who is who! To be continued!
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    What happened to the caramel candy line up? [​IMG]
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    I don't know, coffee keeps me calm so do the ducks! [​IMG]

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    Quote:When are they sexually mature? I was thinking about watching metzer video but haven't had the time yet to really sit down and check mine. But if I just wait, when will they be sexually mature and when will I be able to tell for sure if I don't 'sex' them?
  9. katharinad

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    Around 7 weeks you will know for sure. Big change in voices.

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    I've also noticed that the male's bill will turn more green at that age compared to females the same age. Females usually either stay blue at 7 weeks or start to turn orange from what I've been noticing.

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