WOOO HOOOOO Absolutely AMAZED @ Momma & Egg #13


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
My sons female Rouen "Oreo" is absolutely AMAZING!! She is doing such a phenominal job at being broody and being a momma for her 1st time ever laying! She just took at break and I got candle all 8 eggs, and I'm hystatic to say that all are alive and well and developing and moving on day 10! She is so amazing, I just love Oreo!! My heart really, really goes out to her because of her birth defect of having one leg born up looking like a full time flamingo on one leg. She is doing fantastic, I questioned her survival, I questioned her ability to even produce eggs let alone broody and she has proven many people wrong! I just hope and pray none of her babies have a birth defect or any worse then what she has, I really don't want to have to make "that decision."

Also, the 2cd batch that is due the week of the 17th that had a egg that got a internal dent and slight spider crack has just got me totally floored! Takes after it's momma I can already tell, having such determination to survive because I just candled that one, and it's getting darker in there, and it's growing and moving! Other then my own pregnancy & birth as werid and assanine as it may sound, this has totally amazed me beyond comprehension. I'm just loving this experience, fascination, and I'm growing more in love with having ducks! Each to their own and I don't condone culling, but this personally to me, is why I just can NOT even phantom culling my "Pet" ducks! With my dh in Afghanistan this has brought on a whole new joy and hope and faith since he has bee gone. These ducks have been especially theraputic for my boys 12 & 10 1/2yrs old with special needs with their dad being gone. This has been our best medicine. I quack from a duck a day, keeps the doctor away!

Just has to share

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