WOOOO!!!!! Bred 2 of my female bunnys today!!!

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    May 25, 2009
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    Well ever since about april I have tried to breed one of my rabbits, Somehow the male was NEVER interested in the female, I ended up getting a new pair and let someone have that pair for showing at the fair, This pair the male didnt like the females either!!! I now had 1 new zealand male, 2 Lop ears male and female, 1 black female lion head and 1 brown dutch female, None of the males liked my females!!! ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a lady gave me a brown/tan Lionhead yesterday along with his hutch, I was kinda worried about getting him considering none of the others know what a female is either. Well im glad I did, he loves my females and his hutch became the PERFECT brooder! its roomy, and the chicks completly love to get into the lil boxes on the side (that was for hay) and sleep in there, made of hardware cloth on the front and half of one side then the rest is wooded up so it stays warm, and it has a little thing inside on the roof so I can easy clip a light in there for them.

    also a question to rabbit breeders, I noticed the females was running from him ALOT, and didnt.. well didnt do what female rabbits suppose to when they mate, does that mean she is not bred? if so what can I do to.. ehh.. make her want to breed?

    either way.

    Hopefully this time dec Ill have 2 new litters of Lionhead/Lionhead and Lionhead/Lop ear!!!!

    P.S, ive bred rabbits before a few years ago so I know what all to do and what to have for her when she does have the babies, but the rabbit I had then was actaully willing so this part is new for me.

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