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Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
Ok so we went camping over the weekend in helen in the chattahoochee national forest. IDK if anyones ever been there....but anyways
The night before we went we stayed at a friends house for trip convenience. There apartment is really....well gross. The carpet has got stains ALL over it and little bits and pieces of stuff too. (cause their vacuum is broke... :| )
Well I had my kids and dogs with me and I was really on edge about staying there cause of the condition of the place. (which didnt have all the stains on the floor till they got their puppy which leads me to believe me it can really only be one thing...
Well I went against myself and stayed cause I didnt want to be rude and say something like 'this place is way to nasty for my kids and dogs' cause they are well..the guy is my SOs best friend.
Now my dogs are sooooooooo covered in fleas its just..ive never seen anything like it! (cept on their dog!)

I just baithed them in flea shampoo and dawn soap but have a feeling that wont get them all gone.
Any suggestions on home remedies that really work???
We use vinegar in our water for the dogs and cats. So far it works great. We have one of those medicine spoons, the one that measures, and we fill that up twice and put in about a 5 gallon water.
I dont have any good home remedies- I broke down and went right to the vet for Frontline

I totally understand how you feel though. A few years back my BIL came to stay with us for a few weeks and brought his crazy Rott with him. The dog was really not good with children or other dogs, so he kept him in the garage. The day before he left, he casually asked me if I had any dog shampoo so he could give Cyrus a bath. I thought nothing of it and gave him some. He left the next day, and our dogs were free to go into the garage while my DH was working on a car. They were infested with fleas in under an hour. I was puzzled at first as to how they got so many SO FAST, and then I connected the dots. All you had to do was walk into that garage and you were bombarded by fleas on your legs. That little you-know-what KNEW his dog had fleas and said NOTHING to us about it.
Anyway, after a major vaccum and bomb of my house and garage and application of Frontline on all of our dogs, they went away and we have never had them again. Some people...
ugh, that sucks. maybe you should call your friend and tell him your dogs got fleas, and that he should probably check his dog for them.
I would have hated to bee in your situation. Sometimes I avoid my Sisters house for that very reason. My kids would come home all chewed on and bit up.

I took my dog, RIP, once to an emergency vet clinic for stitches. We had not had fleas for years. Two days later the house was jumping. I was Sooooooooooo mad. I paid a ton of money for that Emergency visit nd look what it got me.

I have allways used frontline.
If this is a one time thing, Seargents flea shampoo works great. If they've been in your HOUSE already, well...now you have another problem.

Your carpets will need treated, your dogs will need a REAL flea treatment (Comfortis, Advantage, Frontline)...

and so sorry! ICK!
SALT, plain old salt. Put doggy in tub with some water. get dog wet. Rub salt into dog hair starting at tip of tail and work you way forward. Avoiding the eyes of course. Wait as long as you can then rinse dor. Be prepared to be surprised as the frleas flock to the dogs nose. after you get rid of the fleas, drain water and then shampoo dog as usual. I think this will help you.
Oh they know their dog has fleas. Its a boxer puppy so its hair is so short you can really just pick them off plus they bath him alot. Im thinking the fleas are on their cat and in their carpet cause the pup ALWAYS has fleas.
I mean I understand a few here and their but this is just rediculous! I told kyle were (or I, our kids, or dogs) are EVER going back over there..
He was pretty mad about this too..

But anways...I think I will try the salt thing tom.
I have flea stuff on them now (walmart brand) but I have found frontline and stuff alike never works for me :|
I vacuum my house alot! Like 3+ times a week so Im hoping that has helped. I also washed ALL the blankets in the house too.
Well see how things are tom.

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