Wooot, 11 Chicks!


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Jul 23, 2010
Orland, CA
I got my first set of chicks back in April on Easter weekend. I've had such fun with them and I adore them!

But then around Sunday, Sept 25th I noticed one of my Hen's disappeared. I had suspected that she'd been hiding eggs from me but I could never find them, so I figured maybe some sort of predator had gotten her. She was always the clever chicken able to get out of my poorly constructed 'containment' area. But then I seen her on Wednesday and she disappeared again till the next Sunday.

Well I managed to track her down on that Sunday, and this is what I found!!


Eggs!! Hah, I knew it. But I was kind of skeptical that they'd hatch, she woulda only been a little over 4 months as she started laying the 16 eggs in her secret hidden nest. But I left her to it.

So anyways, I figured they'd hatch sometime around this weekend. I got home late tonight and normally I never check on the hen after dark, but I climbed under the electric fence anyways and sure enough as I bothered her I heard tons of tiny little peeps. Awesome!

So I got my dad, got a plastic tub, and loaded them all up.


Not a great pic but, 11 of the 16 eggs hatched. Pretty darn good job for that little hen of mine!!

I bought her as a golden sexlink, and the black chicks are all Marans crosses and there's two little white chicks with black/grey markings that I think belong to my Banty Roo. Well, if they can have different fathers of course. Anyways, I'm excited and I thought I'd share with everyone. I can't believe I already have baby grand-chicks.


9 Years
Sep 11, 2010
I wouldn't give up on the other eggs just yet. They still might have a chance of hatching. I have had broodies who abandoned their nest and the eggs were still hatching. I would let mom raise them because they do all the work. You don't have to do a thing, but feed mom! It makes your life so much easier. Good luck with them and keep us updated.

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