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    Well the night before last was the first night i set the Live Trap in hopes of catching the big fat coon that was watching us a few nights back. I baited it with Apple Pie since i didn't have any Marshmallows.

    The first morning I was SO excited, i saw a striped tail and that the trap was closed (i covered it with a feed bag). Well I slowly pulled back the bag and found a big fat Tom Cat in the trap. [​IMG] This Tom has been around here FOREVER so i decided to just let his mean butt go, he was certainly NOT happy about being in the trap. I had no idea cats liked Apple Pie.

    I reset the trap last night, with pie again, I was sure the cat wouldnt come anywhere near it, lol. When I checked the trap this morning...lo and behold... there was a big, fat Raccoon all curled up on top of the shredded feed bag in the trap. I called to him but he didn't move so i clapped my hands and said "mr. coooon.." He slowly lifted his head and just stared at me. I was AMAZED, this "monster" was so much more mellow than the feral cat i caught the night before!!! I dropped some corn into his cage and came inside to call my mom.

    Her friend trains his hunting dogs with coons but he wasn't answering yet this morning & dad is gone to work already so he cant shoot it. We are going to take mr. coon all the way across town and let him loose by the river. he should have plenty of food sources there and theres lots of trees/wooded area still.
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    Quote:[​IMG] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! PleasepleasepleasePLEASE don't release it!!! PLEASE contact your local Animal Care & Control and find out what they would have you do with it. Some will come and collect it from your trap, others will ask you to bring it in to them.

    It just might be ILLEGAL to release raccoons in your area. If caught you could face a stiff penalty. There is a risk that you could be injured while opening the trap. You could be introducing communicable diseases to the animals in the new area, both wild & domestic. The released animal could find it difficult to fit into the new habit, fight with established animals there, not know where to find food. It could instead try to return to its home territory (they can travel for many miles) and be killed crossing a road to get there.

    Your released raccoon could turn into a problem for home/farm owners in the new area. It could turn to human habitation to find an easier source of food, and prey on their poultry and/or vandalize their gardens & garbage. Having been trapped once, it may be more wary & difficult to trap again.

    The populations of raccoons, opossums & skunks have increased along with development, there is no shortage of them and they have become pests in many areas. They can carry rabies & distemper. Please let your local ACC take care of your trapped raccoon.

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