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    Ok, I know I had another story post, I am currently working on two xD, along with the warriors cats story (which I'm thinking of scraping for now), I am also in the middle of writing another story based on this one..years ago I had written the pre-curser to this one in school, basically it was the pack when Snowmoon was a pup, and all, I actually won a creative writing award and 300$ in Jr. High, I even got an offer to have it published as a short story, but I turned it down, the money was enough for me xD.

    ANYWAYS, I know my punctuation may be a little off, I use comas alot lol, I never claimed to be a professional writer hardy harhar.

    Alright, basically characters so you get to know them.

    Alpha: Snowmoon-a slim, muscular solid white she-wolf with dark blue eyes, mother of Sage and Raven.(5 years )
    Beta male: Brackishclaw-a large, heavily built dark brown wolf with black ticked furs throughout his coat, and deep yellow eyes.(3 years)
    Beta female: Lilyleaf-a lithe yet muscular dark brown wolf with black ticked furs throughout her coat, light green eyes.(3 years)

    Rainfeather-a dark grey she-wolf with black ticking throughout her coat, her face is black with rings around her eyes, her eyes are pale yellow, Mother of troutwing,mate to Racoontail.
    (3 years)
    Troutwing-a dark grey male with black ticking throughout his coat, his face is black with rings around his eyes, his eyes are pale yellow. (1 1/2 years)
    Racoontail-a jet back male with deep amber eyes that change from amber to dark yellow depending on his mood, he has a distinct gray ringed tail which gave him his name, mate to Rainfeather.(4 years)

    Sage(Sagebreeze)-Light gray colored she-wolf with dark blue eyes.
    Raven(Ravensight)-dusty black colored male with lime-green eyes.
    (In this story they go from 4 months to a year)

    Lilyleafs' pups which will be reveiled later on.
    The sun shown brightly overhead as midday made it's way to scene. A herd of white tailed deer grazed lazily in a meadow below. In the middle there stood a large buck, his great antlers so weighted down with points that they had begun to curve and twist. A single lithe shape lay in the tall reeds above the deer, it's snow white pelt reflected the sun brightly but the deer could not see. Their earthy scent filled the creatures nostrils, as the wind drifted lazily toward her. Good she thought A good hunting day Glancing around she spied more shapes slowly drifting into place.

    Slowly the white creature rose to a hunch, her eyes fixed on her target, she burst from the reeds down the slope. Others joined her as she ran, and the deer broke in a panic, the large buck in the lead. The wolves gave chase, the snow white she-wolf at the head, her dark blue eyes fixed on the head deer. Two wolves, identical in steely gray pelt their only difference being their sizes, locked onto a small doe. A black and a brown wolf chased a small fawn whilst the white wolf trailed the large twisted-antlered buck as he broke from the herd toward the wooded plains.

    Nearby the two metallic gray wolves took down the doe, but the white wolf sped up her pace. I've got you now, great one she thought. The huge buck twisted and turned, dodging trees as they grew thicker. The ivory huntress found it hard to keep up, but finally she was just a leap away from her quarry. She bunched her powerful muscles and bounded, her jaws open, ready to snap shut on the deers flesh. The buck too made a quick jump and the white wolf landed just a few hairs short, she stood panting as the great deer bounded away. Laying her ears back she gave a frustrated snarl, and turned to pad back to the hunters.

    The rest of the wolves lay in the clear meadow below. As she approached, the large brown male rose to greet her with a wagging tail and a lick on the muzzle. You were unsuccessful? he asked the white wolf. She shot him an angry look and bared her teeth in a silent growl, and laid down panting.

    Why do you chase the large buck so deperately, Snowmoon? the brown wolf questioned.

    You know of the stories Brackishclaw Snowmoon answered simply.

    The stories. Yes, I know of them, 'for an Alpha of a pack to earn his place in the ranks of skypelt he must take an elder-buck with no help from the pack he relies so heavily on,only then may be join the ranks of Alphas' past and future' Brackishclaw answered. But, alpha, look, we were not unsuccessful, Rainfeather and Troutwing brought down a doe, our pack will feed well tonight! He grinned triumphantly, licking Snowmoon on her head.

    This is true Brackishclaw, and I am greatful for the work we have done, however my time in this pack will soon be over, how will I ever earn my place in Skypelt? Snowmoon whispered

    Brackishclaw gave a snort My dear Snowmoon, you should not worry so much about your death, but focus on the life you have now, death is still many, many seasons away for you

    Right as always, Brackishclaw, right as always

    Turning to the rest of the gathered wolves she shouted, Good job to my hunters!, I am proud of you, all of you! we will feed well because of you! Now, let us give thanks to the deer who gave her life for us so that we may keep ours!

    The hunters, including Brackishclaw, gave out yelps and growls of agreement. Snowmoon rose her muzzle into the sky and belted out a loud, long howl. The others joined in.

    The great buck may have escaped, but tomorrow was another day. And today, Thunderpack would eat well.

    Birds sang cheerfully in the thick canopy of oak and other broad-leafed trees. Below in a clearing several dens had been dug out of the sides of the banks, in the center two wolf pups growled and yapped energetically in play.

    take that, you deer! the smaller of the pups, a dusty-grey she-wolf growled as she lunged at the second, larger pup.

    grabbing his scruff with her teeth and halling him onto the dusty ground. The male pup stiffened under his sisters lighter weight.
    what's wrong raven?, why have you stopped playing?? the grey she-wolf asked.

    Mother's back, I wonder if they've made a kill! Raven barked excitedly.

    Both pups sprang up as a white she-wolf loped into the clearing. Followed by the rest of the pack. The pups greeted their mother with a series of whines, tucking their ears back and tails beneath their legs, they licked at their mothers muzzle.

    Snowmoon licked both of her pups in turn, she rolled Raven over with her muzzle and gently roughed him with an open mouth, Sage bounced at her mothers' head, grappling her ear with her fore-paws.

    Calm, my pups Snowmoon soothed, and the pups steadied their play, I have a surprise for you, my little ones, you're going to your first kill with the pack

    Sage and Raven exchanged excited glances. This was the first time they were to be allowed very far from the dens, up until now, the pack would bring them back fresh meat from the kills and they'd eat it here. Now they were going TO the kill as part of the pack!

    Sage could barely hold back her excitment as their mother led the pack back out into the forest, she started off at a slow trot, the older pack members fanned out behind her, the pups were at the back.

    I can't believe we're actually out here! Sage yipped, darting here and there, sniffing at every plant and hole she could find.

    I know! Raven agreed, his voice was shakey with excitment I can't wait! he bounced, pelting after Sage as she sniffed furiously at a mouse hole.

    Troutwing slowed his pace near the rear of the pack, you two excited? he asked, both pups nodded joining him.

    I remember what that is like , back when I was first out of the clearing, going to my first kill with the pack, Kestrelfeather and I...- Troutwing stopped short.

    His eyes clouded with grief, Kestrelfeather was his sister. She had been killed many moons ago by man who had invaded their territory and killed half the pack, including Sage and Ravens own father,Bearfur.

    Sage and Raven had not yet been born, so they didn't remember, but Troutwing clearly didn't want to talk about it anymore.

    The pups followed the pack in silence. Watching Troutwing ahead of them, his head and tail drooped, they knew that there was nothing they could say to ease his grieving over his lost sister.

    Raven looked at Sage, he didn't know what would happen if he ever lost his.

    Snowmoon halted the pack with a growl. Raising her tail, she waited until the pack had filed along beside her. Raven pushed his way inbetween his mother and Brackishclaw. He could see the deer clearly, laying at the edge of the meadow, untouched. The crow-meal eaters clearly had not found the body.

    Snowmoon gave the signal to move, and the pack loped down the hill into the meadow. Glancing at the sky, Snowmoon barked we must eat our fill quickly

    Raven followed his mothers gaze, above he could see a few buzzards lazily circling high in the sky. He knew from what the pack had taught him that buzzards would bring other predators to an easy meal.

    Raven tussled for position at the caracuss. He was surprised as he was jockied back and forth, he glanced beside him to see that even Sage was having a tough time eating and was being pushed and shoved.

    Raven tried to ignore the vicious growls and snarls of his pack mates as they ate as fast as they dared.

    Sage reeled back as Brackishclaw slammed into raccoontail, his great jaws snapped at the black wolfs ear.

    Racoontail retaliated by slashing his teeth across the beta males muzzle, could he do that? obviously, because no wolf looked concerned.

    So this was what REAL pack life was like? beyond the safety of the sheltered clearing, where every wolf got on so well?

    To Sage, it was both terrifying...and yet, it felt right some how,it was natural she supposed.

    She drug her way back inbetween the tussling bodies of raccoontail and Troutwing. When Racoontail's massivehead threatened to push her out of the way, she flattened her ears and snarled as agressively as she dared. To her amazment, the large male withdrew his head, and went on to bicker with Troutwing.
    In the days that passed since the pups had gone to their first kill as part of the pack, Sage and Raven had attended two more kills. Each time was more exciting to Sage than the last, though Raven had seemed acustomed by now.

    On this day, their mother, Snowmoon had taken the pups out into the meadow.

    Lilyleafs' pups had been born the evening before, five healthy pups, five more wolves to make the pack stronger Snowmoon reflected.

    She had brought the pups out to the meadow this day because it was the pups fifth moon and it was time for them to learn the territory, all of it's scents, sights and sounds as well as the packs boundries which seperated them from their neighboring pack, Shadowpack.

    Snowmoon quietly padded along her pace surprised Sage, even Raven seemed to be having trouble keeping up.

    Now,listen.we are going to a long way today, we are going to circle half our territory, then go back

    the packs territory had become larger since their direct boardering neighbor pack, Creelpack was wiped out by man many many moons ago, Thunderpack claimed their territory, just as Shadowpack had claimed Windpacks' territory when they too, were wiped out.

    Sadness clouded Snowmoons eyes. She had been friends with many wolves from both packs, shaking her head to clear the thoughts away she turned back to the pups.

    This is your first time out, there are many dangers out here, so you two MUST be silent, you are here to learn, not play She warned.

    Sage and Raven nodded silently, showing that they understood.
    good Snowmoon murmured, follow me, and stay close Snowmoon set off at a trot, that rolled into a sprint, the pups struggled to keep pace.

    Sage and Raven spent most of the day listening quietly as their mother explained this scent and that one, which was fresh which was old, bear,deer,elk,bison,cougar, and bobcat, and then testing each pup to see what they remembered.

    You'll rarely scent fox Snowmoon explained Unlike us, they are wonders, and rarely stay in one part of their territory long.

    The sun was high in the sky by the time they stopped to rest beside a slow flowing river, the three of them stopped to lap the cool,fresh water.

    We're on the edge of Shadowpacks boundries now, be silent and smell!, do you scent anything? she asked encouragingly.

    I...I smell wolves.. Sage murmured.

    she's right, I can smell them too! Raven agreed lifting his nose to the wind blowing toward them they smell...similar, but different.... .

    That's right Snowmoon growled that is Shadowpack, you have kin there, my brothers....

    Rreally? Raven squeaked in surprise why are your brothers in that pack and not with you? .

    It's a long, complicated story my pup Snowmoon sighed but I suppose you're old enough to know now, come, I'll tell you on the way back to the hollow

    Sages' mind reeled with thoughts as she lay comfortably beside her mother in their den.

    On the way back to the sheltered hollow Snowmoon had told them of her father, Falconmoon, he had been pack alpha before Snowmoon.

    She told the pups of how after Falconmoon died, she and her brothers Foxtail and Jaywing were next in line, and when she was just known as Snowpelt, and of how three wolves born to the alpha pair could never share Alpha duties when their parents died.

    She had told then of how their kinship died with bitter fighting, eventually both of her brothers were forced out as rouges when the pack sided with Snowmoon, and deciced that she, not her brothers was the best fit as Alpha.

    As she reflected on the story, Sage told herself that she would like to be Alpha one day but she didn't like the thought that one day her mother would not be there to help she or her brother she also didn't quite understand why it was that she AND Raven couldn't both be alpha of the pack.
    There was a clamber of excitment around the hollow, Brackishclaw Paced proudly around the entrance to the nursey den, his tail and ears held high.

    Today was he and Lilyleafs' pups' first moon, that meant that for the first time the tiny pups could be seen by the rest of the pack. Sage had never seen them, only Snowmoon had been on the day of their birth to see them.

    The rest of the pack ambled around the clearing, thier excitment buzzing like a swarm of bees, Sage jumped as a tiny yip came from the den and Lilyleaf pushed her way through the narrow opening, Come along, it's alright pups she soothed her young.

    Sage watched excitedly as the first tiny muzzle poked it's way out of the den, followed cautiously by another, the first pup stumbled out of the den and tumbled to the ground, looking around with bright pup-blue eyes. It's pelt was a rich dark brown with a peppered black stripe running down it's spine.

    This is Moss, he's my last born Lilyleaf announced to the pack.

    She turned to look as a second, dark grey pup with ticked black and white fur tumbled from the den, and looked around with the same excitedly wide-eyed expression.

    This is Feather, she is my first born Lilyleaf announced.

    Time passed and three more pups tumbled out from the den, a solid black male pup with a white spot on his muzzle,Lilyleaf called Night.

    Another dark brown pup with the same peppered black stripe running down her spine, Lilyleaf called her Cherry.

    The last and smallest pup was a male, solid brown with no ticked furs or anything Lilyleaf called Oak.

    The tiny pups huddled in a clusted infront of their mother while the pack came to greet them, their dark blue eyes wide with fear and curiosity.

    Brackishclaw was the first to greet his pups. His eyes shown brightly as he gazed at his pups then back at his mate. He gave Lilyleaf an affectionate lick on the muzzle and murmured something Sage couldn't hear.

    Raccoontail was next. He sniffed each pup in turn and turned to the proud new parents wonderful pups, they'll serve the pack well one day he murmured.

    Sage waited until Rainfeather then Troutwing greeted the pups. She noticed Raven holding back, and did the same.

    well come over, you two Brackishclaw called his voice friendly and full of affection.

    come greet your new family members Lilyleaf called softly. Raven padded slowly over and sniffed the pups recoiling as one gave a tiny growl skittered shyly farther between his mother legs. Raven glanced at Brackishclaw nerviously,who only gave him a slight friendly nod welcome to the pack, little ones he murmured. He leaned briefly against Lilyleaf before padding away.

    Sage noticed that her bother had a little more bounce in his walk and he held his tail up proudly.

    Sage padded to the pups that were now falling asleep she sniffed them gently breathing in their pup-scent. It was soft,warm and milky, each pup smelled different only slightly but each had a different scent than the last underneath their nursery scent.

    She would remember their scents for the rest of her life. they are very cute she murmured quietly.

    Thank you Lilyleaf murmured her eyes soft and sleepy. Sage padded away, she even found herself a bit happier! new pups for the pack! one day she would be running along beside them on the hunt. One of them may even be her beta if she ever became pack leader!
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    Today, you're going to practice hunting...

    Snowmoons' voice sounded and Raven snapped his attention back to his mother. He hadn't missed the irritated look in her eyes before it flickered away, As always Sage was listening intently to their mother.

    As I was saying
    Snowmoon growled, casting another irritated glance at her son.

    today you both start your hunting training, you're going to start small, with rabbits, then as you progress we'll move on to larger prey, until that day
    Snowmoon paused to stand and gestured with a flick of her tail towards the mooreland behind her. this, is your hunting ground
    Snowmoon waved her tail once more, a signal for Troutwing to pad forward.

    Troutwing will intruct you briefly on hunting rabbits, but he will not interfere or help you out in ANY way, you must work out each others hunting and stalking styles, and learn to adapt your own to your parteners Snowmoon gazed at Troutwing and he nodded to show he understood he was not to help in any way.

    Stepping back, Snowmoon let the young male take her place.

    Rabbits are fast Troutwing began, stating the rather obvious. Sage was listening with the same intensity that she had been with their mother, Raven just rolled his eyes 'every wolf knows rabbits are fast, mud for brains' he thought.

    ....and so you have to reach them before they get to thier hiding spots, if you can, place your body between the rabbit and it's chosen bramble patch, and it'll have no choice but to run into one of your jaws Troutwing finished.

    Raven waited to see if he was going to say more, but Troutwing had already stood to pad away only stopping to call over his shoulder good luck!

    'oh, bear dung!' Raven thought miserably, why hadn't he listened!?

    Sage was already slinking towards the flat land behind them
    come ON!, Raven, remember what Troutwing said!?, TEAMWORK she growled over her shoulder.

    Raven stood and sondered to her side, suddenly wishing more than ever that he'd paid more attention, his heart raced in his chest so hard that he felt it might burst out and beat them across the clearing.

    They were six moons old now and this was their first hunting lesson, meant to be more fun than for the pack. Whatever they caught they were allowed to keep and eat, they would train like this until the following new-leaf.

    Only then, when they made a large kill with the pack would they earn their full pack names. The leaves on the trees were beginning to change from deep emerald greens to shades of yellow and orange and even the short grass on the moores and the long rolling grasses on the meadows were turning colors, signaling the beginning of leaf-fall-time.

    Raven and Sage lay quiet as the rabbits themselves, waiting for one to break from it's hiding place to feed. Raven glanced over his shoulder and his heart dropped when he saw his mother and Troutwing looking at them with bright expectant eyes.

    Their mother was proud. Everything from the way her eyes shown to the way she lay tensed on the hill well out of sight of any rabbit, she seemed to be part of the land itself yet it was as if she were already waiting to rush down and congratulate her pups told Raven that she was more proud than he could imagine.

    'STUPID pup!' he cursed at himself 'why didn't I listen!?, I'm going to let her down!'.

    Sage had broken the cover. she was haring down the slope so fast that Raven had missed it, caught up in his thoughts he hadn't noticed the rabbit that was sprinting across the mooreland. Rising to his paws so quickly, that he nearly tripped Raven pelted after his sister, he wasn't going to mess this up..not on his first hunt-training!

    Raven bounded along just a tails-length from his sister, his eyes fixed on the brown cotton-tail that was speeding along a fox-length ahead.

    The rabbit swerved and Raven rushed ahead, feeling his paws aching beneath him, his lungs screaming at him for more air and he sped up his breathing.

    Sage had gained on the rabbit now but as the rabbit made a swift turn, barely a pup-step from her snapping jaws she slipped and went toppling into a bramble patch BEAR DUNG! she snarled angrily.

    The rabbit was headed sraight for the thick tangled spines of another large Bramble patch. Ravens heart sank as it slipped under the prickly plant and he skidded to a stop, and paced back and forth whining at the rabbits entry hole.

    Raven heard paw steps approaching and his sisters sharp snarl beside him.

    This was YOUR fault! she snarled so fiercly that for a second Raven thought she might lunge and shred his ear. if you had of been paying attention before we started, we could've-OH you messed EVERYTHING up Raven! Sages voice was taunt with anger and sadness, it was one scrawny rabbit! why was she so upset at him?

    I WAS paying attention, thank you! he shot back, maybe if you'd have not waited so long to turn-

    Troutwings excited bark cut him off

    That was EXCELLENT!!! he called bounded up to the two smaller wolves, play bowing and nipping at their muzzles.

    That was so close!, Kestrelfeather and I NEVER got that close to catching a rabbit our first few goes!. it took us nearly two moons before we made our first pair kill!"

    For once Troutwing mentioned his sister without being stung, his eyes which usually clouded with sadness at the mention on Kestrelfeathers name shown nothing but excitment.

    I was about ready to join you, but Snowmoon held me back...well? how was it, was it fun??

    Sage and raven exchanged confused glances their anger forgotten.

    you know, that was fun! Raven yapped hard, and now I'm exhausted, but I had fun!

    but-but we failed, didn't we? Sages quiet whine broke in weren't we meant to-,

    Another voice cut her off this time. Sage whipped her head around as her mother padded slowly towards them.

    young pup she murmured quietly licking Sage on her ear you've both got plenty of time to master rabbit hunting, Troutwing is right, I've not seen two young wolves work so good together, most of the time they want to push and shove and be the FIRST to catch the rabbit, that was Troutwings problem

    Snowmoon smirked, shooting Troutwing a playful glance. you don't have to be the best..or the first at the kill, that is not what these lessons are about

    she went on more serious now they are about teamwork and pack hunting. you must read your hunting parteners body language from far away, read the way his body moves during the hunt, sense when he is going to turn, swerve, or jump. Watch your prey too, as a hunter you should be in tune with your prey. Watch it's movement..it's muscles beneath it's flesh, if you are not completely ready for you preys next move he will outsmart you, and your pack will be tired and hungry and they won't thank the mistakes of one ill-timed move

    She looked at both pups who were listened closely now, even Raven was paying attention

    It's about survival not just mindless killing. survival for us means killing yes, but survival for your prey means he must NOT be killed. If you just rush in blindly with nothing but the kill on your mind well you might as well learn to speak crow, and eat with them as well because you'll find yourselves eating crow-meal"

    There was warmth in their mothers voice, but a serious edge to it as well. What she was saying both pups knew, was the truth.

    Come now Snowmoon growled as she stood up to leave the mooreland, the pack will want to know how you've done, and I'm sure you're both tired, young hunters need their rest.
    The days rolled by seemingly merging from one to the other. nearly every day when the Leaf-fall-time weather allowed them Snowmoon took her pups out to the mooreland to practice their rabbit hunting, Lilyleafs pups had turned two moons old several sunrises previously and each and every time Raven and Sage returned after hunting practice they were swamped with questions.

    well done Sage!,nicely caught! Snowmoon called as the young wolf padded up to her and dropped a large rabbit at her paws.

    Sage heard her brother scoff lucky catch. The last couple days Sage had made all the rabbit-kills while her brother had been lucky to catch a mouthful of fur.

    Sage picked up her rabbit and padded over to Raven, do you want to share it with me? she asked.

    Raven rounded on her viciously baring his teeth,.

    NO I don't want your stupid rabbit!, I want to catch my OWN rabbit! Raven snarled angrily. I am SO sick of always hearing 'oh good JOB Sage, awesome catch! blah blah blah!, you think you're SO great, well you're not!

    Sage flattened her ears, snatched up her rabbit and bounded away. Emotion threatened to cloud her eyes but she blinked them away in to to looked back to see her mother speaking sharply to Raven. Her fangs were bared in a harsh snarl and the young males ears were flat to his head as he gazed at the ground, flinching as his mother spoke.

    Sage wasn't hungry and besides Lilyleafs' pups were now old enough to try their first bit of fresh meat. She picked up her rabbit, and waited for Raven and her mother to take the lead back to the hollow..atleast Lilyleaf might be grateful to her.
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    Cool, crisp air stung Ravens nose rousing him from his warm dreams.

    The young wolf yawned and rolled out in his nest, standing up he curled his back in a long stretch, and shook his thick snow-time coat.

    His mother and Sage were already up. Poking his head from the den entrance he was greeted by a covering of white that surrounded the hollow. As clean and white as his mothers coat, it reflected the suns bright light so harshly that he felt nearly blinded.

    The cold snow felt odd under his paws and crunched as he stepped on it. His weight instantly crushing it, numurous pawprints told him that the others had already been out as well.

    A loud yelp made Raven jump.

    He glanced around the white clearing wildly trying to figure out where it came from everything looked so different, even scents were harder to locate under the snows cold-scent.

    He heard it again closer this time, then he spotted the source. Lilyleafs pups came barreling around the corner of the large boulder that sat in the very middle of the clearing their thick snow-time coats all covered in a light dusting of powdery snow.

    The pups were five moons now he reflected, they had been out of the hollow a few times but like him they had never seen snow before even though he and Sage were now ten moons. Atleast they were enjoying themselves as they yapped and growled playfully, Raven wished he and Sage could play as wistfully as that but truth be told...they barely spoke these days.

    Come play with us, Raven! Feather cried.

    Yeah, come on Raven!, it's fun! Moss joined his sister.

    Raven shrugged, why not? Sage may not have wanted much to do with him any longer, but that didn't mean he couldn't still have fun.

    I'm gonna get you! one of the pups shrill voices cut through the clearing, Raven gave himself a shake, and pelted off in their direction.
    A cold wind blasted Ravens face as he, his mother, Troutwing and Brackishclaw headed for the forest beyond the hollow.

    The pack had not hunted in two sunrises but it had been nearly seven sunrises since their last successful hunt and the pack was beginning to show it's tired hunger. Their thick pelts appeared as shaggy as new-leaf-time shed coats due to their dwendling body frames.

    Raven felt almost too hungry to think about the hunt.

    His paws felt numb with cold and his legs felt weak and worn out beneath him as if they'd give way any moment. To his dismay the pack trekked through their frozen, snowy territory until nearly sunhigh by the time Snowmoon gave the signal to hault on a ridge.

    Below them was small herd of white-tailed deer.

    Ravens stomache screamed in protest as he thought of the warm delicious meat. Snowmoon gave the signal with her tail for the hunters to fan out, they would take the deer by surprise by surrounding them from all sides.

    Raven slunk through the snowy forest painfully aware that his dark coat stood out among the white surroundings.

    He got into his postion opposite his mother. He could just barely see her shape moving at the other side of the ravine white against white and he envied her as she slunk like a snow drift slowly towards the deer who were more content to snuffle through the snow looking for sparse dried grasses than danger.

    Raven spied Brackishclaws dark brown pelt moving along the trees on his far side, and Troutwings peppered gray pelt not far from himself.

    Suddenly the clearing burst into action.

    Snowmoon lept from her hiding place. Brackishclaw and Troutwing didn't wait, they sprung too fanning out. As the three singled out a small buck Raven tensed, his job was the trickiest he was the ambush. As the other three hunters droved their chosen prey toward him his job was to rush out and intercept, making sure that the deer could not make a dash for the thick snowy trees where hunting would be near impossible.

    Raven watched as the hunters drove the deer closer and closer. 'here they come' he thought bunching his muscles.

    'oh please, great skypelt, don't let me mess up, the pack is hungry!'

    His job may have seemed easy, but in reality, the outcome of this hunt wieghed Entirely on him.


    Raven lept from his post with a mighty snarl. His teeth sunk into the deers thick brown pelt and ripped away a mouthful of gritty hairs, but it was enough of a destraction, the deer stumbled with Ravens weight, but was still able to pull the wolf down with it.

    The other hunters were on the deer in an instant. Finishing it with a well aimed bite at the throat, relief flooded through raven as he stood up to shake the snow from his pelt.

    He had done it! It was thanks to him that his pack would finally get the meal it needed!

    Troutwing bounded up to Raven and rose a forepaw to tap against Ravens muzzle in a play-gesture

    You did it!, your first deer hunt! he cried, his eyes sparkling.

    Pride welled up in Ravens chest as Brackishclaw also congratulated him. He had to keep himself from wiggling like an excited pup when his mother took her turn.

    Congratulations my pup, because of your quick thinking and role in this hunt, the pack will eat for the first time in many sunrises.

    Snowmoon licked her son gently on the muzzle before turning to the other two wolves.

    Let us give thanks to this buck, who gave his life, so that we may keep ours!, and let us give thanks to Raven, without who, this meal would not be possible! she cried

    Brackishclaw and Troutwing rose their heads in a long howl, Snowmoon and Raven joined in.

    The rest of the pack, Including Brackishclaw and Lilyleafs pups soon joined the hunters at the kill.

    There is something I must do Snowmoon called when the pack had finished eating their fills.

    The time has come for two young wolves to earn their full pack names, we all know who they are, and I think we all agree that they BOTH deserve the honor that is the greatest honor of all young wolves

    The pack murmured their approved agreements.

    For the first time in several sunrises, Raven and Sage made eye contact that was not filled with anger on either end, only excitment.

    Raven, Sage. You both have proven to the pack that you are capable and wonder hunters and providers for your pack, and as my pups I couldn't ask for any more, you have made me, and your pack very proud Snowmoon barked

    Sage and Raven looked excitedly at one another again.

    On the packs previous kill. Sage was among one of the hunters who brought down the doe, but I had wanted to wait until Raven had also made his first kill with the pack. Only to make it fair to the both of them, I know you two have had some on-going disagreements..Those now must stop, you are no longer pups in the eyes of Skypelt or your pack. You are expected to act and behave as adults, and full pack members. Do you agree?

    Raven and Sage nodded silently, their eyes shining brightly.

    Then from this moment on until the day you leave this world to live in Skypelt, or until the day one of you take the Alpha's name of 'Moon'. Sage, my daughter. Skypelt honors your speed and agility, like the winds that blow over the tops of the trees, you will now be known as 'Sagebreeze'. And I welcome you as a full member of this pack

    Snowmoon touched the top of her daughters head with her muzzle, and the pack called out Sagebreeze, Sagebreeze!

    And Raven, my son. Skypelt respects your cunning and sharp eyes, like the trickster raven. You are Wise and playful, a trait that is respected in all packs, you will now be known as 'Ravensight'. I welcome you as a full member of this pack.

    Snowmoon again, rested her muzzle on the top of her Ravensights head, and once again the pack, even Sagebreeze called out 'Ravensight!, Ravensight!'

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