Woot woot! Chickies are movin' to town!!!


9 Years
Feb 16, 2010
Sweet Home, OR
So I just got the okay from the landlord to put some birdies in the backyard. My thoughts are that since we already have eggs in the incubator, and I've been designated broody mommy, while the adult birds are at my breeding program partner's house... to not move any adult birds home yet, but to instead just build the chicken tractor for the little guys. I'm home very often, so I could put them out to scratch and peck during the warmer days once they're about a week old or so, with a heat lamp in the covered part of the tractor.

I'm thinking I'll stick with our previous design of the 4x8 box, but have also considered a triangle shaped tractor just for the chicks... Anyone have materials list for one of these? It wouldn't need nest boxes or anything - just something simple with room to hang a waterer and put a feeder in there for them, and preferrably some sort of support where I could attach the light.

I already have a few pieces of scrap 2x2s and some scrap plywood (OSB.. heavy, but it'll work) so have considered just using those and the chicken wire I have as well. Our backyard is fenced, and our dogs and kitties know better than to mess with chicks (we usually brood them 100% indoors, their brooder covered with chicken wire and have never had so much as a second glance).

Woohoo!!! So excited to be able to keep some birds in the backyard!!!
I had thought of a hoop tractor... hmmm.... how can I build this and not go totally overboard... my darling's patience can only last so long, I'm surprised he's supported "the habit" this far!

Anyone know of how many (how long) pvc pipes would be needed to do a 4x8 coop? And how would I easily get in to change water and feed and grab little chickies?

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