7 Years
Oct 4, 2012
North of Houston Texas
1. One of my Black Cochin chicks' wing feathers are coming in different and I'm pretty sure it's a Frizzle!!

2. On CL there was an ad for Silkie chicks a week old. When I called the women I told her I wanted 6 @ $5 each. (Blue, black and Splash -- 2 of each). She said she had 8 total but one she didn't know if s/he would make it because she had to help it out of it's shell. So she told me if I'd pay for the 6, she'd throw in the other 2 for FREE!! (Chicken Math)

3. Went to get dog food at my local feed store and the man said he'd take any extra chicks I had that came from McMurrays for credit on my account. So I have 15 chicks today to deliver to him.

I will have 17 after I get the 8 Silkies but that's way better than 34!!

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