Work in Progress - any tips/suggestions on our Coop makeover?

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    Had window put in 1 of the doors, pop door opening is cut, frame for run is built & will be covered with 1/4 & 1/2 in Hardware Cloth. We'll be cutting windows for North & South walls also. If we put the roosts about 3 ft up, windows need to be 4 - 4.5 feet up? Also, Husband is going to put the hardware cloth around the bottom of the coop & keep them from getting underneath. it's only raised up on 1 layer of blocks, he's afraid when they start laying, they will try & get under there to lay, not sure if that's a common occurrence or not? I was thinking we needed to raise it up on 2 layers of blocks. Any tips/suggestion are welcome as we are total newbies to this, thank you in advance! :)

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    I would definitely secure HW cloth around the bottom of the coop - YES, chickens, especially if broody, will snug up under there - and being near a treeline especially, other critters might try to sneak in under the radar (and under the coop). Our serama coop is built similarly, and before I got the hw cloth around the bottom, I had a girl "disappear" on me - I just knew a hawk had gotten her - but after a long search, found her broody beneath the new coop! I'm not sure that two blocks would help, since you humans STILL wouldn't really be able to get up under there if a bird or other critter was beneath.

    If you've got the cash, then hardware cloth all the way around sounds GREAT!! But a cheaper option is 2x4 welded wire, with hardware cloth just around the bottom 18-24 inches (to prevent reach-ins). It's what I used on our original run (16x36 run...would have cost an arm and a leg to do the entire thing in hw cloth). Raccoons are the most prevalent predator around here, and we've never had one get in with the 2x4 stuff. Of course if you deal with smaller critters such as weasels and such, then maybe you want smaller wire??

    I love windows!! Our windows are standard heights, and my birds love looking out them while on their roosts, and they help provide a bit of breeze for them on hot evenings/nights. BUT...we do have ventilation available other than the windows, so our windows are closed in the winter time. Since hubs is obviously handy, you might have him cut two ventilation openings up HIGH on the wall opposite your prevailing winter wind side - cover them with the cheap vent covers from Home Depot/Lowes or just nail hw cloth over them.

    It's looking good!!
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    @teach1rusl. Our run is 8x24, got the wire on it today, all in HW cloth. They cut the windows more like small windows, so vent covers won't work at this point, wish I would have asked sooner! Haha. But it will work. Yes, I don't want to be crawling underneath to get eggs or a dang chicken, so it's been covered in HW too! Now to get the inside fixed up with the roosts,etc to get them in there hopefully this weekend or maybe next. 3 of them are 4 weeks old & the other 9 are 3 weeks.
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    Oh & the pic with the HW cloth added

  5. teach1rusl

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    Looks good! Does the run have a wire roof/ceiling as well? I can't tell from the pic. If not, you'll need to shut the pop door each evening, as raccoons can climb like monkeys! That was a LOT of hardware cloth!! The only coop I used all hw cloth on was our bantam run, which is pretty small.
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    Yes, it's on top too. Didn't want to go thru all of this to have something happen to them as soon as we moved them out there! It was an expense yes, but I will feel better when we're at work or sleep at night knowing they're secure.

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