World Egg Day Hatchalong!(October 12, 2012 is World Egg Day!)


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Sep 24, 2010
The International Egg Commission has deemed the second Friday in October as World Egg Day! This year World Egg Day falls on October 12! Wahat better way to celebrate World Egg Day than by hatching eggs!

The set date will be September 21, 2012 for chicken eggs.

Who's up for a World Egg Day Hatchalong?

Here's a link for mor info on World Egg Day.....
hmmm that sounds interesting

i was gonna take a break in hatching after this batch till near end of year so i may just join depending on my roos

as long as they are ready and i get eggs them i dont see why not

Glad you like the idea!

I wanted to announcethe hatch now so that hopefuly more people will join in and plan ahead for it.
I've alread got the first week contest planned!

Week One Contest: Best Egg Picture
Prize: 6 hatching eggs from Royal Feather Estates(Sumatra503) Either Serama, Dominique, or Designer Eggs.
Also, if anyone would like to submit a contest idea or offer up prizes, let me know.
Everyone has either show, beautiful or cute chickens. So how about a contest for the under dogs, who never get their 5 minutes of fame.

The ugliest chicken contest!

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