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    Nov 23, 2009
    Fellow poultry enthusiasts,

    Jack the Knife here and I have been away from the forum for a long spell.
    Four years ago I posted the picture of my official 'Show Coop' and it was well received.
    Thank you...♪

    When I get my next disability check I can order the nylon netting for the top
    and the 'Show Coop' will be finished. Almost four years from start to finish!
    Now as I get caught up financially, I need a GQF 1502, and a coop for chicks,
    and I will be in the poultry business.

    The chick coop which I am starting on any time now is 10' x 20' and right beside the 'World Famous Show Coop',
    6' high with the wire set in a ditch below actual ground level and filled with concrete.
    Shed in the back, waterline run to it and with a nylon top, it will hold 600 chicks.

    Rhode Island Reds are a fine breed and very productive birds.
    I hatched 131 eggs from 4 hens and 1 rooster two years ago, raising 100 to chicken adulthood.
    Selling the hens for $15. and the roosters for $10, = $1,2500.00
    {even though the feed cost was $750}... a pure profit of $500. for only a years work.
    {20 birds were stolen but I counted them in as they were nearly grown}
    {and I know who 'done it'}
    Now I have 18 hens and 4 roosters!

    See? this is why I am saving for a 288 egg capacity incubator and still building poultry housing.
    I expect to have some chickens next spring! {I ain't figured out how I will feed them but for the fact that when the housing is built it won't be an expense but a profitable {somewhat} enterprise.
    A couple of hundred bucks for new steel the knife shop, a couple of grand to finish the poultry housing
    and I can not only apply a greater share of my small income to buying feed
    but should have more income from the knives and the poultry themselves to buy feed with!

    Just wanted to write and visit as all my friends are tired of hearing about all this.

    Got me a new {used} 14 month old Black and Tan coon hound, old Dukedog!

    Thank you...♪

    Jack the Knife
    Sandymay und von Dukedog
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