World's Fanciest Household Helper, Must See This Tool!


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Aug 25, 2008
I did this years ago, never thought it was special until someone saw me using it last week and said Wow! I feel a bit silly posting it, but hey, anything that makes work easier is a good thing!

I have a broom I really like and didn't want the bristles to get bent. My brooms tended to be leaned in a corner for long periods of time........

so I screwed a cup hook in the top end of the handle and hung it from a nail. Well that had got to be the handiest cuphook in the house. I use it in spring for retrieving the hummingbird feeder lines that went up under the eaves during the winter, same for the seed feeders in the winter. Hanging or taking down Christmas lights? Perfect, just unplug the lights first. Pots and pans way up high above the cabinets? Snag a handle, pull it down and catch it. (NOT recommended for breakables.) Running an overhead extension cord to the coop? No problem, once again, be aware of electricity! It has really been a handy tool, amazes me what I use it for sometimes. It's pretty much an extension of my arm!



Love it!
Kinda reminds me of the handmade catch stick my late FIL made for catching chickens. (Note: Do not try this at home. It's not as easy as it looks).
nice:) There is another use for this, btw. it looks like my vacuum declogger
you know... for when you ominously suck up a sock from under the couch
and it of course.. JAMS in the hose
Its a lifesaver though!!
CR9, it was a wannebe shark- also known as a cat!
For some reason, they always wanna mess with it.

T.Chix? I have used it to clear the vaccuum many a time,

Pardon the REALLY bad pun...... but this is one hook (er) that's been around......
hmmmm the real question is, where do you get a real good wooden broomhandle nowadays???

All I ever see are thin metal ones (aluminum I guess) with a useless plastic cap on the end that you can hang it by but only if it doesn't slip off the end of the pipe.....
Definitely no good for hooking uses.
I just went to look at it, I got it back in the early 1990s or possibly even late 1980s. It's been around longer than my DH.

It still has the label- Magnolia Brush Mfg., Clarksville, TX. Model #3010. (I told you brooms don't get a lot of use as brooms around here....)

I used to work for a stained glass co. in Austin, we ordered brushes wholesale from Magnolia. Not sure if they sell retail, but well worth the price!
I wonder......what if you took the plastic cap off and shoved a cork down into the end of the handle.... or a piece of dowel.... if it's too loose, you could put a screw tightened hose clamp on it?

Not very sturdy, but might work for a while if you're gentle with it. I have a bunch of those type, too.
Don't you have wooden poles of any kind? Or straightish branches? How about thick dowelling? Alternatively, get some strong metal tubing, drill holes and fashion a sturdy hook onto it.

Not sure why, but this just cracked me up. Like you just taped a really cheesy infommercial. Picture it:

A woman stands on a chair, trying to get her hummingbird feeder down. She stretches and oh NO! She hurts her back. Darn you feeder! What on earth can I use to make this easier? Why, the new "hook broom" removes hard to reach items with ease! No more stretching, no more jumping, for pete's sake NO MORE WORRYING! The hook broom does it all!

Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there......must be the wine.​
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