Worm in chickens eye?


Jul 30, 2021
Hi, so I noticed just today that one of my hens has something yellow poking out of her eye. At first I thought it was just a piece of dead grass, and tried to very gently pick it out. But when it didn't even budge and seemed to just be hurting her I got worried and did some research. I found out that it might be a worm that's sticking out of her eye, but at the same time it doesn't look like a worm, but instead just something that's sharp and yellow. And I also couldn't find any pictures online about chicken worms that looked remotely similar to what she has. So if anyone could help me figure out what it might be and how to help her I would deeply appreciate it. Poor girl looks like she's suffering. No foam or puss is coming out of it, however she does keep that eye closed 90% of the time, and it does look like the thing in the eye is making her tear up a bit.


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If you can guarantee that someone could help you hold her head still, you could try tweezers. A QTip or a tissue might just move it aside if it is just stuck to the surface of her eye. Do you have anything to flush it with? Saline eye wash might be good.
Like saline solution for contacts? Because yes we do have that. And it's not stuck to her eye, it's kinda poking out of it, probably a couple millimeters away from the surface of the eye. And yes I do have someone who could help me hold her.
Going on the posts above as well as the photo under substantial zoom, this does look like something that got lodged in the front corner of the eye.
It also looks like it might be causing some infection, certainly irritation and mucous buildup at the least.
I'd try to remove what looks like a stem, pulling gently with some tweezers while her head is held stationary, then clean up the area with a Q-tip and saline as mentioned above.
Once removed, reevaluate for possible infection around the front of the lid.

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