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    I have read and read and read and I have not found concrete information on how often and what to use to "de-worm" peafowl. Everyone I talk to does something different. One lady told me that she uses worm meds every month. Another man told me that he uses worm meds every other month. Someone else told me once every three months. And....... I also heard twice a year.

    Can someone please let me what I should do? [​IMG]

    How often do you use worm meds for your peafowl, what type of meds do you use and how much do you give them (dosage)?

    I am getting (2) 6 month old peafowl on tomorrow and I want to make sure that I get them on the right track.

    Any advice will help.

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    I use safeguard for goats. Its a liquid wormer that easily mixes with water and the birds don't mind the taste. I guess living conditions have alot to do with how many times people worm out their peafowl. I usually worm mine out 3-4 times a year for 3 days in a row using 3 ml of wormer per gallon of water. Did the person mention if they have ever been wormed out yet? hope this helps. andy:p
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    Feb 20, 2008
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    Quote:What does "wormed out" mean?
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    I am fairly new to peafowl myself!!! I asked this question many times also....and here is what i come up with...with alot of help from local peafowl breeders.

    Deerman told me:

    Safe guard for goats...3 cc per gal of water.
    Ivoomec pour on for cattle, brown box...1 cc on the back per adult. 1/2 cc for 1/2 grown.

    safe guard repeat after 14 days.

    DON'T USE BOTH AT SAME TIME. treat 30 days apart.

    I worm 3 times a year. First of the month March, Aug, and Oct.

    And this is what Craig Hopkins had to say:
    Ivermectin is given down the throat as a drench. 1/2cc for birds 6 months and older.

    Levasole mixed in their drinking water. See our medications sheet on the web site under "Peafowl articles" to see the different forms that it comes
    in and the dosage.

    Panacure in the drinking water. 3cc per gallon. I believe that Safeguard uses the same drug as Panacure, Fendbendazole. If so, I would use the
    same dose. You might do some reading for other breeders who have used the Safeguard and see what their dose is since I haven't used it myself.

    We rotate between these 3 products and worm the peafowl before breeding season in the spring, after the breeding season about this time of year,
    and in the winter time about the first of the year.

    Worming your peafowl on a regular basis with these products will keep your peafowl healthy year round.
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    Quote:What does "wormed out" mean?

    I think Andy just meant have they ever been wormed.

    I follow Deerman's directions, alternating the Safeguard & Ivomectin, have not had my peas a full year yet but will worm them every 4 months (3 times a year) I do the same with my chickens.
  6. deerman

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    Like everything, different people treat their birds different. Main thing is worm them starting at 3 months after they have been put on the ground.

    Yes i use safeguard ,which does have fenbendazole. Myself I worm 3 times a yr. before egg laying, so birds are worm free ...not during laying season as it may hurt fertile of eggs.

    They will get worms from eating bugs , and earthworms and etc. I use two types as neither keep all type of worms. Ivomec does also kill lices and mites.

    In the southern States I may worm 4 times a year, because of insects being more active there. I don't worm in Winter months.

    True i say 3 times a year.....now as treatments are more 2 times with safeguard, 1 time with ivomec.(these treatment 3 times a year)

    Youngbird i worm with safeguard first 3 months, ivomec after they are 6 months.

    Reason I say 1 cc is the feathers will soak up some, if given like Craig does 1/2 cc is right. same if you are putting in on bread, or injected into a grape or other food. 1/2 cc
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    If I've wormed with Safeguard a week ago can I follow with Ivermec after 10 days or should I use the Safeguard again? I ask because I saw mites around the eyes of a 6 month old peahen. If I can use Ivermec will putting 1/2 to 1 cc on the back kill the lice/mites and internal worms? Thanks much. I get so confused with this worming.


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