Worming and baby chick question?

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    I wormed most of my chickens in the spring but since some hens, that were being kept in their broody pens, were either broody or had tiny chicks I didn't worm those. Now I just found one of the mother hens who still has some chicks with her, that aren't quite 2 mos old, had a round worm in her poop.
    I read that if you actually see the worms in thier poo that they all probably have them. So now I am wondering if it is okay to use wazine on the hens and chicks. The chicks are almost 2 mos old. I also have baby ducks the same age that have been running around near the pens so wondering if I should worm them as well? I read that chicks, in general, shouldn't be wormed until 4 mos which is why I am asking. Thanks
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    Quote:If you used wazine in the spring, it's possible that the hen you are referring to didnt drink the wazine treated water or didnt drink enough of it to be effective. Most likely it could happen again. This is why I stopped using wazine. I recommend you purchase valbazen (albendazole) liquid cattle/sheep wormer and worm all your chickens. It slowly kills all known worms that chickens can get over a period of several days. I agree that you should hold off til the 4th month to worm the chicks. Dosage is given orally...1/2cc for standard size chickens, 1/4cc for smaller chickens. When your chicks reach their 4th month, dose them with 1/4cc. Reworm your chickens again in 10 days, same dosage. If your feed store doesnt carry valbazen, you can order it from Jefferslivestock.com or call them. They are out of Alabama and you'll receive your order quickly. There's a grand total of 24 days withdrawal.

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