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    I read this recently and would like to know if anyone has ever tried it.

    "Natural Treatment of Worms in Chickens

    There are treatments that can be purchased from a veterinarian or a chicken supply store to treat worms but there is an effective natural treatment for worms in chickens. This is important as a natural cure does not affect the edibility of the eggs or meat and keeps the chickens healthier during the treatment.

    Most natural cures for worms in chickens involve fresh garlic. Garlic's antibacterial and antiparasitic properties have been studied for more than a hundred years and garlic has been used medicinally for millennia.

    To use garlic as an effective natural wormer for chickens, there are several methods. You can infuse garlic into water and feed each chicken by eyedropper. Add 5 to 6 crushed cloves of garlic to ½ cup of cool water. Cover and let stand for 8 hours or overnight. Shake and strain. Do not heat the water or it will erase some of the garlic's benefits. You can also add some of this garlic concentrate to the chickens' water for one week at the rate of ½ cup of concentrate to 4 gallons of water. Ensure that this is the chickens' only source of water during this time. Some chickens will eat chopped garlic straight and it can be fed free choice as they will only take what they need. There are two downsides with this method. The first is that it may be difficult to determine if all chickens in the flock are eating the garlic. The second is that this may affect the taste of the eggs during the treatment period. While perfectly safe to eat, garlicky eggs are not appealing to most people.


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    No, I have not used garlic. I really don't know how well it works. I find that the "natural" methods, in general, do not totally control the problem. Many do help, don't get me wrong, but they are usually not a complete cure.

    I'll use pumpkin, squash, gourd, or cucumber seeds as an example. The seeds contain a substance that paralyzes round worms so they lose their grip on the intestinal walls. The pumpkin pulp loosens the chicken's intestines so the worms are then sort of flushed out. This does not "eliminate" all the roundworms but it can greatly reduce the worm load the chicken carries. A few roundworms are really not that detrimental to a chicken's health, but if the numbers got too high, they can be very dangerous.

    I don't know if garlic does any good other than keeping vampires away. A lot of times there is often a smidgen of truth in the old wives tales, but usually they are not miraculous cure-alls. They are often more of a help than a complete cure. Personally I'd be careful in believing too deeply in miracles.
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