Worming chicks??


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8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
Assuming my chicks hatch this weekend.
I can't find info on at what age do you start worming.
I've only seen info on chickens.
I'm sure someone know here. Lol. Thanks. Kim.
Advice varies a lot. Some say don't worm at all unless you see symptoms (ie worms in the droppings), others say 12 weeks, most say 20 - 24 weeks at the earliest. I didn't start worming mine until they were about 8+ months old and they are all fit and healthy. How often you worm them depends on whether you use natural or chemical wormer.

I also put apple cider vinegar in their drinking water which helps with all sorts of things - but make sure you buy from a poultry supplier as the stuff on the supermarket shelf is not right for chickens. And make sure you stick to the dosage recommended in the instructions.

Good luck with your chicks.

Thank you.
My local shop sell poultry vinegar.
Think I'll worm them around the 16 week Mark then.
Now just crossed fingers they hatch. Hate the waiting game.
the vinegar sold in grocery stores is distilled and has all the good natural stuff taken out. Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Unflitered
is what your looking for. health food stores or Vitamin stores also sell it. shake it up before using 1tablespoon to gallon of water. also helps keep down on the algae growth in the water and sides of water containers.

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