Worming in Hot weather ?

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    I nearly lost a hen to the heat yesterday. Found her just in time and sprayed her with water and put her in a cage by herself. After being in a cool place and in the cage she was okay this morning and left lots of poop with worm in it to clean up. I need to worm my hens and roos obviously. I have Ivermectin. Will it be to stressful on them in the heat and should I just put DE. in there food at this point?
    By the way on the hen she was Freeranging so she could get in very much cooler places but went in to a hot hen house and don't know if she felt broody or what but obviously stayed in there. I have never had this happen before. She got off the nest and was just sitting by feed pan. I pick her up and she was acting dizzy like and could stand well. That is when we quickly cooled her down.
    It was 97 here yesterday and that doesn't include heat index with humidity.
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    I don't know the answer to this but I would be very interested in the response.
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    Hi, worm them at night. I would not use DE at this point since you are actually seeing the worms. I am not sure what wormer is safe for chickens, I guess I will find out in your replies

    Also, I hosed down my chickens for the first time yesterday. They hated it, but stopped panting. I also put a block of ice in their water every day. And I give them yogurt every evening cause it contains sodium and potassium, electrolytes
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