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    My vet gave me some worming medacine to give my girls. I have to give each of them a half an eyedropper once a day for five days.
    Can you see where this is leading? I have never done this before. It is hard enough to catch them and they are not used to being handled. Do you hold them like you would a cat under your arm and pry their beek open with your fingers? Argh [​IMG] I can see it now. Especially as each day goes by. They will start to get harder and harder to catch and I will most likely have to wear a face shield to protect my eyes from medacine flying everywhere. [​IMG] This is going to be fun. [​IMG] They are going to hate me.
    I am hoping I can go up to them with it at treat time and call it a treat and they will come running up with their mouths open and I can just pop it in......[​IMG] I'm dreaming, right?
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    Pen them up. Then catch one and cradle her like a cat. Have your eyedropper preloaded with the wormer. Pull her wattles down firmly with the fingers on the hand that your cradleing her with. Then with your free hand, squirt the wormer in her open mouth, quickly release her wattles and let her swallow it on her own. Release her out of the pen into the yard, close your pen door, grab another chicken and repeat the procedure...piece of cake. (Pulling the wattles down will open their mouth, they might squirm abit, but dont let go, she'll eventually stop squirming.)
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    Quote:THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I was wondering how I was going to get their mouths open! [​IMG]

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