Worming - Natural vs Chemicals

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    Mar 30, 2008
    I thought I would ask this here. I shop on eBay sometimes, and I picked up a book. It's called Veterinary Clinical Parasitology. It has lots of great pictures of worm eggs and stuff for fecal float tests. They talk about using a centrifuge, and said that while you can do it without the centrifuge, it won't be as accurate. Back to eBay, I now own a centrifuge. Now all that I need is a microscope, I plan to get one of the ones where you can see the image on a computer screen, save it and edit.

    Where I am going with this... I see so many recommendations for wormers, natural and chemical. If I were to do fecal float tests on my birds and find a parasite load, would there be any interest here for me to get everybody's favorite remedies, separate the birds and run a trial? I should be able to do a 'before' picture and edit the image to show what I see and what I think it is. Then I could do more pictures, perhaps at one week intervals showing what effect each remedy has.


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