worms on baby chick's vent


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Aug 13, 2011
Hi- I've read a bunch of posts trying to find my issue but I haven't seen anything specific.
I have 3 two week old chicks. They were hatched and are mingling fine with the other 4 big chickens - their mom is taking good care of them. They free-range for a few hours a day and eat bugs and whatever. I give them a scoop of medicated chick starter each day (where the big chickens can't get it). I noticed a few days ago and again today that they all have little tiny worms around their vents. I haven't seen any worms go in or out of the vent. The worms are very small and yellow/clear and are moving a little. They hide pretty well in the fluff of the chick. The 3 chicks all seem very healthy and are growing and running around. I haven't read anything that worms are normal so I'm very worried. How do I get rid of them? I'd like to address it before it becomes a problem...
Any suggestions?
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Or could it be some kind of tiny mite? It looks like tiny worms, but it may be some tiny crawling bugs... (?)
Any suggestions or ideas?
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I don't know anything about this, but am always on the lookout for odd problems to file away in the "just in case" area of my brain. I'll be watching, and hoping someone comes up with an answer for you!

Can you get us a picture?
I would assume a mite. I had three seramas being raised by the mom and picked them up to check them and saw mites. I took a pinch of seven dust and put it under the wings, along the belly and near the vent and another on the back of the neck. Treated them all in the pen and dusted the nest boxes. Retreat 10 days later and all is well. Don't let it get in their nostrils....or yours!
ETA: just reread your post and realized you said worms not bugs...sorry. So now I wonder would the seven work on them if they are not internal? Are they small maggots?? If the bottoms were poopy any maggots can hatch in the poop.
ETAA: now I just reread your second post......it's been a long hot day! I would try the seven and see if it kills them. With mites they drop dead quick. Worms tend to wiggle. Mites tend to move more forward.
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I'll try the sevin.
I have tried to dust the chickens before and it was a major circus. I don't know if it even worked since it was such a hassle. And it was everywhere so I'm sure they inhaled it and we inhaled it.
It should be a lot easier on the chicks. Do I have to really work it down to the skin? It's hard to get between that fluffy down. Or do I just have to sprinkle it on top in those areas?
When dusting the nest, do I just sprinkle some and leave it? Doesn't it get stirred up and inhaled? Or do I spread it and try to clean it up?
I have hesitated to use sevin since it is so bad for Bees. Does anyone have any hints of how to dust chickens more easily? The first one works OK, but then the rest are all paranoid and impossible.
Is there anything else that is less toxic? Or easier to use on the big chickens?
Is there any way to prevent mites in the future?
Yeah I had the circus myself the first time. I was covered in the stuff and it tastes really bad! I have found the easiest way to do it is to catch them off the roost at night. I prop the flashlight up or get someone to hold it and turn them on their backs to do under the wings and the belly and bottom then I roll them back over and put some on the back of the neck. I don't use a lot and don't worry so much about trying to cover the whole body. I just part the feathers in places. One time I put the dust in a pillowcase and dusted the bird by putting all but the head in but one of the pulled her head in somehow and scared me to death! Little ones I just dust during the day as I can hold them in my lap to do it. Since I don't use a lot and don't sling it around I don't think I am presenting too much danger for the bees. For the nest box I just sprinkle a bit and shake the straw a bit.

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