WORMS? Other Infection? Need advice.

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    A little over a month ago I wormed my chickens with Valbazen at 1/2cc per hen, and repeated 10 days later with the same dosage. The reason we wormed was because they had been losing weight, their keel bone is pronounced and one hen had diarrhea and a messy bottom. This hen had dark water stools. I have some hens with yellow foamy poop. Now another hen has diarrhea, water bellly, and bluish/purple comb that is flopped over, and breaths with her mouth open when I pick her up (she stopped laying last week) but no egg is felt inside. They are all still really skinny. Should I worm again. I don't know if its worms of something else. There is no blood in the stools. But some are foamy yellow and some are dark greenish black/runny.
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    You might want to take in several fresh droppings to a vet, and have them checked for worms and coccidiosis. Chickens can lay all sorts of droppings, such as Cecal ones which can be slimy or foamy, bright yellow which might be E.coli infection, and green that may indicate not eating. See if the vet will also do a gram stain for bacteria, in case of E.coli or clostridium per fringes. Try putting some plain yogurt or probiotics into their feed, and mix it with water to make it like oatmeal.

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