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Sep 9, 2013
Hello, I'm new. We have 5 Rhode Island Reds, 5 Americauna and 1 guinea. They have had a rough summer with LOTS of rain, cool weather then hot. I think they have been molting this summer and now I have at one with runny droppings. After adding some raw apple cider vinegar to their water the other day I found a runny dropping with worms. All the other poop in the coop looks normal. At first I thought it was maggots had gotten in the coop, but on further inspection I think not. On a google search I was able to read some info from this site about worming, but couldn't find it again once I have signed up. So I gather I should worm them quarterly??? I would like to worm them with something that is not poison. I do use diatomaceous earth but have not been consistent with its use lately. I have added apple cider vinegar and a crushed clove of garlic to their water buckets for now. Suggestions???
DE, garlic, ACV, etc. will not rid your flock of worms. Ordinarily you will only see maggots in an open wound; they are the result of flies laying eggs in such wounds. I don't know of a "natural" remedy that is effective against worms. I do know that a heavy load can be fatal. It at least certainly robs them of nutrients (the food gets eaten by the worms) and makes them more prone to other health problems. Also, if you are seeing worms in the poo (usually roundworms, unless you see the specs left by tapeworms) then they are pretty heavily infested. My preference is Valbazen, which is a cattle wormer; the drug is also given to people. It is only "poisonous" to the worms. Here are a few good references. There are many threads on here that discuss worming.



http://healthybirds.umd.edu/Disease/Deworming Birds.pdf

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You might also look on the tab about Feeding and such there is an interesting discussion about fermented foods for meaties but some other folks are feeding to layers too and it may help with the runny poop. It is just an interesting discussion.

This summer was tough for me too.

Keep your spirits up - you are in good company


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