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    We've had a few days where it's been above freezing.. My husband decided back in January to add 20 more chickens to our existing flock of 65 hens & 15 ducks. We quarantined the new birds and they seemed healthy and I didn't spot anything so we combined them about a month ago.

    Today we were doing chores and we found what's looks like small round worms in one of the waterers. We've got Wazine 17 and plan to worm first thing tomorrow. I've read that I need to retreat in 10-14 days with another wormer but I can't find anything for a large flock. Can someone please give me a recommendation? Is there another wormer that I'd be able to add to their water? I've never had to deal with worms so I definitely need some pointers.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Why would you change up the wormer if you already have Wazine that can be added to water? Treat the birds with wazine in water. In 10 to 14 days treat them again. The reason is eggs will hatch that survived the first treatment so reapplication is needed to eradicate all pests in birds.

    There is a withdrawl period of eating the birds eggs. You can break them up, mix shells and all and feed back to the birds. Good source of protein. They'll love it. You should wait 10 days to 2 weeks before collecting eggs for your own consumption. That's after second application so your out of eggs for three plus weeks from first treatment.
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    I thought from what I've read you need to follow up with a different wormer. I must have read that wrong then.

    Thank you! I will treat them again in 10-14 days with the Wazine I all ready have.
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    To treat just large roundworms, treat with Wazine and repeat with Wazine. To treat other worms, like cecal and/or capillary, you could use something like WormOut Gel, but it's pretty expensive.


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