Nov 28, 2017
I was thinking my chickens might have worms for a couple of days and I finally got the chance to look at a fresh poo, it was a pretty big one with about 5 small white worms.

What is the best product (in the UK) to use? I found these layers pellets infused with Flubenvet, are they any good? I have 7 laying hens, 2 18 week old pullets and 2 6 week old chicks (off ground).


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There are many posts on parasitic infection in the predators and pests section, as well as in diseases and emergencies. Also ways to correctly identify the parasite, which is essential for effective treatment. And yes, you will have to lay(!) off the eggs during treatment.



Thank you but I want to know people’s opinions on the pellets infused with Flubenvet. There is no egg withdrawal from Flubenvet but I wondered if having worms in your chickens and eating their eggs is a bit... disgusting.
Need to know what worms your birds have first.
Did you happen to take some pics?
Always a good idea to do so when you find something 'weird'.

The exact bird that did the poo yesterday did another but I couldn’t see any worms this time, maybe you can? When she did her poo yesterday, there was a couple white worms no more than a couple mm in length and they were moving. Another hen did a watery poo but nothing in that either. Both poos are quite watery but they had two melons yesterday because it’s a bit hot.

I also diluted her poo to see if it made anything stand out.



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I don't think I see any worms in that poop.

Sometimes you do see worms in the feces, but more often when they do have worms, they shed worm eggs in the feces, which are microscopic and wouldn't be apparent unless you looked at them under a microscope.
That being said, if you saw worms moving, flubendazole in feed is a good choice. I would give it following instructions.
Eating eggs of chickens with worms is safe. Their plumbing for eggs is completely separate.

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