10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
i have a rooster and i noticed that from his poop looked like a long worm in it dead what is a good wormer to give chickens can i eat eggs from chickens that have worms can i eat them when i deworm them were can i get dewormer at. i just noticed it from his poop the pullets are laying fairly well and are healthy is their any reason to have to worm?
Diatomaceous earth is used for parasites for many types of livestock. For chickens it is also added to bedding as a desiccant, and bug killer. Where in the Heck did your chicken get a worm from? Drinking water? Are you near a stream?
DE is not a worm preventative nor a treatment for worms, it is ineffective when wet...as inside the chicken innards. Worm oocysts are everywhere in the soil, on the grass, bugs, earthworms etc...If the chickens feet touch the ground, they will get worms.
I recommend you purchase valbazen (albendazole,) a liquid cattle/sheep wormer. Administer orally with a syringe without needle. Dosage is 1/2cc for standard size chickens, 1/4cc for smaller chickens. Reworm again 10 days later to kill hatched larva since the initial dosing. I recommend that you worm all your chickens. No doubt your rooster has shed worm eggs onto the soil to be picked up by your other chickens. One worm lays tens of thousands of eggs in one days time. When you see a worm in poop, it means there's no room on the inside and only one way to go...out the rear end. Valbazen kills all types of worms that chickens can get, including tapeworms which it sounds like what your rooster might have. If your feedstore doesnt carry it, you can order it from Jefferslivestock.com or call them. It comes in a 500ml bottle and has about a 3 year expiration date. There is a total of 24 days withdrawal from start to finish. Here's pics with a chickens intestine infested with large roundworms....think how many eggs they lay:

Eggs are safe to eat PRIOR to worming. As I stated above, as with most wormers there is a 24 day egg withdrawal if you follow the instructions above. If you reworm the on the 14th day, egg withdrawal will be 28 days start to finish.
I got a botle of wazine and put 2 table spoons in a gallon water for 10 birds at 22 weeks old how long should i do this just for today or untile their water is completly gone? its hot so their drinkin alot im goin to deworm them again in 14 days ?
Dump the wazine water out after 24 hours, then give them regular freshwater. Reworm with valbazen in 10 days to kill other types of worms other than large roundworms...that's the only worm that wazine gets rid of.

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