Worms'n Flakes (and plastic) by Treats for Chickens

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    Well. I have a small backyard flock. One is currently sick, unfortunately, and in quarantine. I have seen a lot of folks use Treats for Chickens products and a few ads, so I got a couple of items for my chickens and to "treat" my sick cockerel.
    This is my first time purchasing any of their products.
    Half way through the CCOF Organic/USDA organic bag of Worms'n Flakes (oats, rye, wheat flake, barley flake, mealworms, kamut flake) I am pouring out a Bedtime bite for my sick guy.
    And since he's getting small, contained servings, rather than scattered ones, I happen to notice this strange color and texture.
    I pick it up, and to my disbelief, this is a sharp piece of plastic.
    Cool. Glad I saved myself another vet bill.
    Here's the extra crap my chicken almost ate and the bag: [​IMG]

    Just FYI.
    I'm sure lots of bags don't have tiny pieces of plastic in them.
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