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    Feb 10, 2016
    What is the best product for deworming my chickens? We have 5 & noticed long white stringy worms in one's poop this morning. I'm assuming that's roundworms & they probably all have it. Also, what's the best & most effective product to use to prevent worm infestations once I get rid of these? I would prefer something I can purchase at a TSC store or somewhere similar. Thanks!
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    The best bang for your buck is a good, broad spectrum wormer like Valbazen. Give standard size birds 1/2 cc and repeat the dose in 10 days. Liquid Safeguard for goats is another good one and Tractor Supply usually has it. I believe the dose for that is 1.5 ml for a 5 lb bird for three days in a row, that will take care of most worms except for tapes.
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    Feb 8, 2016
    Generic name for Safeguard is panacur, it may be cheaper under that name. Ivomec, whether the cattle injectable or the horse paste is another good one and has a large safety margin. Doesn't take much of a large animal wormer to dose a bird. Check with a vet before using Valbazen or panacur on other types of poultry though. Per the local avian vet, ivermectin is safe for any of them (even used for people), but Valbazen will kill turkeys, and I never asked about either Valbazen or panacur for ducks or geese.
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    Make sure you thoroughly research egg and meat withdrawal times on whatever product you use...
    ...can be hard to find as many/most are not approved for chickens and some are outright banned by FARAD.
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    Piprazine will kill roundworms, and is approved for use in chickens. The broad spectrum wormers like fenbendazole and ivermectin cover many other parasites and are not approved for use in chickens, so there's no official egg withdrawal times for them. I use ivermectin off-label, and throw away the eggs for about a week, because it makes me feel better. You can have fecal samples checked by your veterinarian to see if there are other parasites present, and then decide what to do. Mary
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