worrid about my Red Golden eggs


8 Years
May 27, 2011
I am currently trying to hatch Red Golden Pheasant eggs. So far i have only lost 3. 1 not fertile and 2 last week I found with blood rings after a temp spike.
First issue I have been having is the temp. I have a Hydrometer/thermometer. I have a still air incubator. I have used all sorts of thermometers. Digital, glass and the combo one. None agree on the temp...but all that I have tried read higher than my combo one...sooo, I have been trying to keep it 97-98. It occasionally reads high and low. The eggs that I have in there now are all still ok. Moving around and such when I candle them to check.
Second issue is the moisture. The combo hydro/thermo reads really low most of the time....barely can get it up over 50....usually reads lower...I have the trenches in the incubator full, also a shallow dish and 3 tall shot glasses full of water...STILL READING TOO DRY!....
I may not worry so much if a few of my didn't have huge oddly shaped elongated air bubble. The little guys in side are still squirmy, so I don't know what to do.... help They should be due to hatch late next week....the air bubbles are almost like a bulgy L shape...start along the bottom then stretch part way up the side
I have had great luck hatching out my red goldens this year. I collect and save every egg all week and sunday eve I put every egg in.Last week I put 32 eggs in the bator,week before was 27,,this week that number may be only about 20 because of the cooler temps we had all week.But my incubator is constantly set at 99.6 degrees,,and I constantly run the humidity around 45% until the last two days before hatch,,then I up to about 55%. Many of my ornamentals have had the air sacks in the pointy end of the egg and hatch just fine.
Have you calibrated the Hygrometer? Sounds like it is not reading correct, unless where you live is extremely dry. Honestly, I have found the cheap aquarium thermometers from Wal Mart are the best, I finally broke down and bought a Flukers Reptile Hygrometer/Thermometer at the Pet Store, I calibrated and it was dead on. My little $1 something glass thermometers are reading exactly what the flukers does as far as temps, I use them as a back up.
I lay the glass ones between the eggs on the turner, this gives me an accurate temp at egg level.

I also incubate at about 45% and lockdown at 55%

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