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Hiya i got some silkie chicks about 2 weeks ago aged 1-4 weeks. I had been turning the light off at night in the last few days and they had been ok, but ive noticed today one of the younger ones (now would be about 3 weeks old) has been quite sluggish. The other of the same age has been ok zipping around the box with the other, but one is sleeping quite alot. Also not over interested in food or water, But eatin and drink as needed, but not rushing off like the others. Its chirping. and Is stood up, but just appears very sleepy.

Ive put the light back on, and im going to leave it on for the next few nights. Also i cooked up some egg to give them just to see if that helps and the little one did have a bit of a feed on that.

Do some chicks have sleepy days? Or should I be worried about it?
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sorry, I don't really have an answer, I had a little bantam, that passed, he acted the same way....just give it TLC, maybe some polyvisol (without iron) in the drinking water..try mixing water with the starter food, to make it a mash, easier to digest that way...

good luck, hope someone else has some other ideas for you....
*I also isolated mine away from the others, just in case...
I would be concerned. Some chicks/breeds can be sleepier overall, but if this is a change in behavior, you need to pay attention. It sounds like you are doing the right things-the light/heat is important and the egg should give them a bit of a boost. Good luck!
thanks, I just had a good look at them and ive found lice. On all of them. Could that be whats doing it? I cant get any wash or anythign until monday as we only have supermarkets open tomorrow.

Whats the best way to go about treating that in baby chicks?
If the chick is overrun with lice, it being such a little beastie, can go downhill fast as they are literally taking too much blood from it, it needs delousing as soon as possible if it is already sleepy. If you have anything like tea tree, fleas and lice dislike it and stay away so maybe a dab of teatree on the chicks will help repell some of them.
Also make sure their cage/brooder is cleaned out thoroughly and very regularly until they have been deloused. Good luck.
will get some tea tree tomorrow and give them a wash in that. It wont be able to be until tomorrow evening. The little one is still eating though, and going for water. Very sluggish looking though still. Hopefully it can hang on until i can do something.

Thanks for all advice though, any other ideas much appriciated
Thankyou too all who gave me some advice. Unfortunatly today while at work and school the little one passed away. Im not sure what was happening, but im not entirely convinced that it was the lice as the others have it too. Probably something was not quite right.

Thanks again though

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