Worried about chickens during winter - is this coop sufficient?


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and notice a bit of snow getting through the open slats but want to ensure proper ventilation. I know keeping it dry inside is important.
Not a good sign.......'good' ventilation doesn't allow snow inside.

That top house isn't shown in the pic but is basically the same as the brown one
Ummm, I'm seeing 2 brown coops, so yeah.....
Can you post some more pictures? Pictures closer to the coop, and also of the inside, as you can manage it.

northern Michigan
How far north...da UP?
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It's easy to do, and then it's always there!


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Nothing wrong with chickens sleeping on the ground/floor/ in the bedding.... as long as the bedding is clean and dry.

I do worry about the ventilation in your set-up being inadequate.

In a walk-in chicken coop, a little snow blowing in with swirling wind is fine. But in a tiny coop, it is more of a problem, since it is incredibly difficult to make wind free areas, but still have lots of ventilation.

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