Worried about my chick!

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    May 1, 2009
    I have 28 three and a half week old chicks that have been doing very well! They were vaccinated for Mareks and Cocci. I believe i am doing a pretty good job of keeping their brooder clean.

    I am feeling them organic chick starter since I got them. They are on wood pellet bedding and have clean water and the temp in their brooder is a little less than 80

    The other day I gave them half of a honeydew melon with the seeds scooped out. They had it all eaten in about 5 hours. I thought it would be good for them. Theyalso get chick grit. they havn't been outside yet as temp during the day have been about 60 or little over. I really didn't notice anything suspicious till today. Should I start feeding the medicated feed or treat with something? I don't want to rush into anything but she doesn't seem too interested in her surroundings. I picked her up and she feels like she has some weight to her and her vent area is clean and dry.

    Please do you have any ideas, could it be a sickness or maybe too much melon, I just don't know and could sure use your input!

    Sorry so long!
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    Quote:Okay, I read your post a few times & this is the only concern I could find in it. Is this what you're worried about? A chick that seems a bit "off"?

    It seems you're giving your chicks the best of care, and certainly a lot of attention. That's so important, to pay close attention to your birds, to be able to detect trouble at its very onset.

    But since there are no other symptoms showing at this time, I'd just continue to watch this chick, to make sure it's eating/drinking/pooping/acting all right. I wouldn't be hasty to intervene with medications at this time, just continue to keep conditions optimal -- clean, ventilated, good food & fresh water available at all times.

    It all could be nothing, or it could be the beginning of a chickie ailment, or it could just be this chick's failure to thrive. Continue to watch & pray, hopefully it will turn out to be nothing serious.
  3. cochinbantam-lover

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    May 1, 2009
    Thanks so much! I do have an eagle eye when it comes to my chicks I guess! I do love the little stinkers alot!!! I will for sure watch her closely, I just gave them teaspoonfuls of plain yogurt on top of their starter and she ate some along with the others! That does make me feel a little better!

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