worried about my EE


Mar 16, 2018

I have had mutiple concerns about my EE buddie, the sweetest girl.
Just today I found her large bump on her comb, about the size of a small marble, to be scabbed up. This is kind of normal, because the past few weeks, the ladies have been picking her fluff feathers bare around her vent, and the fathers have not grown back.
today, I just found an awful small circular scab/wound inbetween her tail feathers and her bodie feathers.
this could be because of the other chickens picking at her, because she is quite low in the pecking order. tell me if you know anything about any of these cases about my sweet girl. Thanks.
She needs to be separated from the others before they cannibalize her. Evaluate your coop size to determine if there is enough room. Make sure your diet is adequate in protein and minerals. If these chickens free range and your EE buddy is still getting picked on it might be best to find her another home.
they do not free range, and picking is a common problem in the coop. I just switched to feeding her with pellets, with oyster and nutrient suplements. ( purina) I cannot free range because we have hawks and foxes in the area. any other suggestions?
Can chickens realy be cannabalized alive?
Layer pellets would be a good start, I use game bird chow as it is higher protein. Promotes growth and feather, wont harm the rooster. I dont give them free access to it, just some for each bird, mostly in the cold months. Or when I want the max amount of eggs from the girls.
okay, I live in a cold area, and I do not have a rooster, so I will think about it.
Since you can't free range your hens (I can't either), you can try adding 'toys' to keep your birds busy. Instead of simply tossing scratch feed (I feed wild bird seed as a treat). Put the feed in a clean dry 16 oz (or 20 oz) plastic bottle that has had small holes cut into the sides. Throw bottle into the coop and allow the chickens to work to get their food. You can use more than one bottle to keep every one entertained. Also, adding greens to their diets such as leafy kale may help decrease boredom. Tie them in a bunch and hang from the top at a height that allows the birds to jump to get the greens. Some people reuse the wire cages for wild bird suet to stuff greens and other treats into. Remember chickens evolved to be foragers so you have to use your imagination on how to keep them busy.



Keep an eye on your EE. Simply keeping the flock busy may help but once a low ranking hen is targeted for bullying things can go bad real quick.

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