Worried about my girl who won't stop being broody!


9 Years
Sep 7, 2010
Stillwater, OK
I've only got 2 silkies, pretty little hens, and I love them. Posh is white, Chanel is splash. Chanel went broody a little over 3 weeks ago, and she just won't stop. I take her out of the coop 2 to 3 times a day and encourage her to get up and eat, drink etc. She will eat a little scratch when I get her out first thing in the morning, but no crumbles, and not even her favorite- grapes- interest her anymore. Her little crop feels so empty every time I pick her up (Posh's is always packed full, as Chanel's was before this broody spell). I've tried sitting her in a shallow pan of cold water, and she just sits there contentedly until I lift her out. I've trimmed around her eyes so she can see better, and wormed them both. I've been putting some vitamin drops in their water to help her get nutrients, but she doesn't drink much either. I don't have a wire-bottomed cage, and I haven't tried the ice cubes under her for fear it may frostbite her bare tummy skin? Would it not? Posh is lonely without her one buddy to peck around with her. I worry about Chanel starving herself despite all my efforts. I remove any eggs (only Posh's, now) promptly - she'll set with nothing at all to set on, even out on the ground, so that makes no difference. How long does this usually last, and what else can I do? Also, when it gets so hot, I worry about her all scrunched up with no air getting to her bottom half. This is no fun! I want my happy, active girl back, and so does Posh!

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